#EngGame #EngVocab: types of people

Today’s is about “types of people”. Hmm.. How to join this game? Well, I guess it’s best to give you an example. Here it is…

Here is the example question: Someone who does not eat meat or fish.

Correct! “: Vegetarian”

  1. A person you work with; a fellow-worker.
  2. A man who is not married, or who has never been married.
  3. A woman whose husband is dead.
  4. A person who is paid to work for someone else.
  5. A famous person, especially an entertainer, TV or film star.
  6. Someone you know, but who is not a close friend.
  7. A child whose parents are both dead.
  8. Someone who sees a crime being committed.
  9. One of two children born to the same mother at almost the same time.
  10. A person or company that employs workers.
  11. Someone who lives next door to you or near you.
  12. Someone who travels and visits places (often foreign countries) for pleasure.
  13. Someone who is against you in a fight or a game.
  14. Someone who betrays their country or friends by working for an enemy.
  15. Someone who loves to discuss and pass on news or rumours about other people’s private lives.
  16. An unusually talented or clever person.
  17. One of the the owners of a business who shares the profits and losses.
  18. A person who represents his or her country abroad.
  19. Someone who travels on foot, especially in an area where there are also cars.
  20. Someone who helps another person to commit a crime.


  1. colleague
  2. bachelor
  3. widow
  4. employee
  5. celebrity
  6. acquaintance
  7. orphan
  8. witness
  9. twin
  10. employer
  11. neighbor
  12. tourist
  13. opponent
  14. traitor
  15. gossip
  16. genius
  17. partner
  18. ambassador
  19. pedestrian
  20. accomplice

Source: Vocabulary Games and Activities 1 New Edition by Peter Watcyn-Jones

Compiled and written by @NenoNeno at @EnglishTips4U on March 24, 2014

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