#EngTips: Making Suggestions

Hey hey, fellas! Check out today’s session for #EngTips on how to make suggestions.

Suggestions can be given when people ask for your ideas, or when you have the urge or feel you need to give some advices.

Check out some expressions you can use to give suggestions:

1. I don’t think you should (+v1)… – Aku rasa sebaiknya kamu tidak…
Contoh: I don’t think you should accept the offer.
Arti: Aku rasa sebaiknya kamu tidak terima tawaran itu.
*you/kamu bisa diganti*

2. I think you should + v1… – Aku rasa sebaiknya kamu…
Contoh: I think you should turn down the offer. Arti: Aku rasa sebaiknya kamu tolak tawaran itu.
*you/kamu bisa diganti*

3. Why don’t you + v1 … – Kenapa kamu tidak…
Contoh: Why don’t you stay here?
Arti: Kenapa kamu tidak tinggal di sini?
*you/kamu bisa diganti*

4. Let’s (+v1)… – Mari kita…
Contoh: Let’s talk about it later.
Arti: Mari kita bicarakan hal itu nanti.

5. What/how about (+v-ing)… – Bagaimana jika…
Contoh: How about asking the boss for a raise?
Arti: Bagaimana jika minta naik gaji pada boss?

6. You should + v1… – Sebaiknya kamu… Contoh: You should think it through.
Arti: Sebaiknya kamu pikirkan hal itu baik-baik.
*You/kamu bisa diganti*

7. You could + v1… – Kamu bisa saja…
Contoh: He could give you a raise to keep you here.
Arti: Dia bisa saja memberimu kenaikan gaji untuk pertahankan kamu di sini.
*You/kamu bisa diganti*

8. I suggest you + v1… – Aku sarankan kamu…
Contoh: I suggest you talk to the boss first.
Arti: Aku sarankan kamu bicara pada boss dulu.
*You/kamu bisa diganti*

9. Don’t you think it’s a good idea to (v1)… – Bukankah menurutmu ide baik untuk…
Contoh: Don’t you think it’s a good idea to stay here?
Arti: Bukankah menurutmu ide baik untuk tetap di sini?

And that’s a wrap for today, fellas! I hope you find today’s #EngTips useful and try them out. XOXO

Compiled and written by @Miss_Qiak at @EnglishTips4U on July 24, 2014

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