#EngPic: “School of Accent” artworks

So fellas, ready for the #EngPic session? :D Here it goes!

Recently London was filled with art institutions/academies’ exhibitions showcasing students works. It occurs every summer.

One of the things I found from the MFA Fine Art show in Goldsmiths are these artworks

School of Accent I_1school of accent II_1The “School of Accent I” consisted of a screen with school chairs and a menu

School of Accent I_2

The menu is a dvd interactive menu, so you have to choose it using the remote control.

I was so curious, so I tried, I chose one of them. And this came up.

School of Accent I_3

It turns out the choices were usernames of people that the artist interviewed. The one I chose came from South Africa.

The person talked about what the South African accent is like and how it sort of relates to British accent.

School of Accent I_4

The “School of Accent II” consisted a clip of her giving some sort of presentation..

School of Accent II_4

Throughout it, a British man was commenting on her pronunciations. Every word commented, it became like this

School of Accent II_3

So here the British man commented on her accents. Correct on the things she pronounced not quite right. Commenting on how she talks.

It’s interesting how she chose this performance/installation way of making an artwork with the title “School of Accent”

Are fellas confused of what’s going on? Is it really an artwork? How is it an artwork? Let us know what you think :)

Remember this session we had on “Grammar” https://englishtips4u.com/2014/07/12/engtrivia-why-grammar/ … ? Is it something to do with it? What’s your view as an audience?

@GiboSinatra: does it sound like british? Thought SA also speak with French” Yes it does actually, interestingly :)

“@Ferverferver: awesome!”

Might be a challenging Q: If you are in Ting’s position, would you ever make an artwork about English accents? Or any other accents?

Well I hope you enjoyed the #EngPic session :) Who knows it can inspire some of you to do artworks related to languages :D

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4u on July 12, 2014

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