#WOTD: Incongruous

So fellas, have you heard of the word incongruous?

@diningtyas99: haven’t but now i know the meaning” what is it then? :) #WOTD

@diningtyas99: tidak layak/pantas” yep, itu salah satu artinya, ada yang mau sharing lagi? Mungkin sinonim bahasa Inggrisnya? #WOTD

@diningtyas99: unsuitable mungkin min:/” yea that can be one, anyone else?

Incongruous is a very hard word indeed, but somehow becomes one of the words to explain another word

On the English dictionaries of course

The main meaning of “incongruous ” is “it is not in harmony” or “it’s not harmonious”

So it could mean “tidak layak”, “tidak pantas”, “unsuitable”, “inappropriate” and so on

So what do you think of this #WOTD? Would you replace “inappropriate” or “unsuitable” with ” incongruous” on your writings?

@ChristinaJeje: yes i’ll replace it Xoxo.”

@mayaaa_ym: even i have no idea how to pronunce it” how to pronounce incongruous is [in-kong-groo-uhs]

@syarifahay: the cooler the vocabs, the more amazing the writings. Haha.” <- true but you have to make sure it is not incongruous :D

@syarifahay: agree! Haha :D”

That’s it for today’s #WOTD session :) I hope it has been useful for you :D

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4u on June 28, 2014




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