#EngTips: Making apologies

How often do you apologize for something? How do you usually express your apology? In this post we will share some expressions you can use in an apology.

The most common expression used to express an apology is ‘I’m sorry,’ but do you know that ‘to apologize’ is not the same as ‘to be sorry?’

  • To apologize is to admit your mistake, that you are at fault.
  • To be sorry only expresses regret, when something you prefer not to happen, happened.

To express an apology, you can consider the following options:

  1. ‘I do apologize for…’
    • Example: “I do apologize for breaking the window.”
    • Arti: “Aku minta maaf sebab telah memecahkan kaca jendela.”
  2. ‘I must apologize for…’
    • Example: “I must apologize for ruining your pretty dress.”
    • Arti: “Aku minta maaf telah merusak bajumu yang cantik.”
  3. ‘I’d like to apologize for…’
    • Example: “I’d like to apologize for coming in late.”
    • Arti: “Aku mau minta maaf sebab telah datang terlambat.”
  4. ‘I shouldn’t have…’
    • Example: “I shouldn’t have lied to you.”
    • Arti: “Aku seharusnya tidak berbohong padamu.”
  5. ‘It’s all my fault.’
    • Example: “I shouldn’t have left you alone. It’s all my fault.”
    • Arti: “Seharusnya tidak kutinggalkan kamu sendirian. Ini semua salahku.”
  6. ‘Please forgive me for…’
    • Example: “Please forgive me for dumping you.”
    • Arti: “Kumohon maafkan aku sebab telah mencampakkanmu.”
  7. ‘I’m terribly sorry for…’
    • Example: “I’m terribly sorry for being a jerk.”
    • Arti: “Aku sangat menyesal/minta maaf sebab menjadi seorang bajingan.”
  8. ‘Please accept my apologies for…’
    • Example: “Please accept my apologies for making you mad.”
    • Arti: “Terimalah permintaan maafku sebab telah membuatmu marah.”


Someone once told me,

“There’s no shame nor cowardice in an apology. And the best apology is not in words, but in action.”


And that’s a wrap. I hope you like this post and find the discussion useful, fellas.

Compiled and written by @Miss_Qiak at @EnglishTips4U on Thursday, July 3, 2014


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