#ENGVOCAB: Onomatopoeia (2)

Howdy, fellas! How’s your Monday going? I hope it’s going great! :)

While we’re waiting for our fast-breaking time, I’d like to talk about Onomatopoeia. What’s that? Let’s check this out! #EngVocab


As we have previously discussed (https://englishtips4u.com/2012/07/20/engclass-onomatopoeia/), Onomatopoeia is an imitation of a sound in words. #EngVocab

For example: 1) ‘BRIIIING! An alarm clock clanged in that silent room.’ 2) ‘My teacher told me to shoosh since I was making too much voice.’ #EngVocab

The words ‘BRIIING’ and ‘SHOOSH’ in the previous examples are onomatopoeia words. #EngVocab


However, in this session I’d like to focus on the onomatopoeia words related to animals. Here we go! #EngVocab

Animal sounds may be heard differently in many different regions or countries. #EngVocab

A dog’s bark or a cat’s meow in English may be understood as completely different sound or word in China, Turkey, or Indonesia. #EngVocab


Now I’d like to give you examples of onomatopoeia words related to animals used differently in some countries. #EngVocab

1)      CAT | English: Meow Meow | German: Miau Miau | French: Miaou | Japanese: Nyah Nyah | Arabic: Miaaaw | Bahasa Indonesia: ? #EngVocab

2)      ROOSTER | English: Cockadoodledoo | German: Kikkerrikii | South Korean: Kokioo Kokioo | French: Cocorico Cocorico | Bahasa Indonesia: ? #EngVocab

3)      DOG | English: Woof Woof | Spain: Guau Guau | French: Ouaf Ouaf | Japanese: Wan Wan | Arabic: How How| Bahasa Indonesia: ? #EngVocab

4)      SMALL BIRD | English: Tweet Tweet | French: Cui Cui | Swiss German: Bibip Bibip | Japanese: Chun Chun | Bahasa Indonesia: ? #EngVocab

5)      COW | English: Moo Moo | Spanish: Muu Muu | French: Meuh Meuh | Japanese: Mou Mou | Bahasa Indonesia; ? #EngVocab

6)      PIG | English: Oink Oink | French: Chaau Chaa | Japanese: Buhi Buhi | South Korean: Kouro Kouro Kuh | Bahasa Indonesia: ? #EngVocab

7)      OWL | English: Twit Twoo Twit Twoo | French: Hou Hou | German: Uuu Uuu | Japanese: Hohho Hohho | Bahasa Indonesia: ? #EngVocab


So those are some onomatopoeia words related to animals that we can share with you in this session, fellas. I hope you enjoy it! #EngVocab

All in all, remember to visit http://englishtips4u.com  and http://facebook.com/englishtips4u,  fellas! See you! :)


Source: Oxford Dictionaries and esl-languages.com.

Compiled and written by @aditriasmara at @EnglishTips4U on July 7, 2014.

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