#EngGrammar: Especially and Specially

Now that fast-breaking is over and done with, let’s begin today’s #EngGrammar session!

Today we are going to discuss the difference between Especially and Specially.

‘Especially’ is a synonym for “exceptionally” or “very”.

Example sentence: “This lychee ice tea is especially delicious!”

Example sentence: “Food photos are especially popular in Instagram.”

As for ‘Specially’, it means “for particular/special purpose.”

Example sentence: “I usually use facial cream specially formulated for dry skin.”

Example sentence: “The box was specially delivered via air mail for my sister.”

‘Especially’ is meant to emphasize the following adjective.

As for ‘Specially’, it is inherently an adjective that is usually followed by a verb.

Inherently = dari sananya.

Source: theyuniversity.com

Compiled by @animenur for @EnglishTips4U on Sunday, 6 July 2014.

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