Howdy, fellas! How’s your Monday going? I hope it’s going nice! :)

Anyway, today I’m going to talk about the use of ‘WOULD ALWAYS’. Here we go! #GrammarTrivia

‘WOULD ALWAYS’, just like ‘used to’, is commonly used to tell about a habit that stopped in the past time, a habit that doesn’t exist now. #GrammarTrivia


In other words, ‘WOULD ALWAYS’ indicates repeated actions in the past. Study the following examples. #GrammarTrivia

1)      Brian WOULD ALWAYS read a funny short story just before he slept. (Brian doesn’t read that again now). #GrammarTrivia

2)      Robert and Marry WOULD ALWAYS buy a new magazine once a week. (They don’t buy it once a week again now). #GrammarTrivia


Remember that ‘WOULD ALWAYS’ can also be used in negative forms. Study the following examples. #GrammarTrivia

1)      Carl WOULD NOT ALWAYS come on time for a meeting. (He came late sometimes). #GrammarTrivia

2)      John WOULD NEVER attend a party. He just didn’t like it. (John may want to come to a party now). #GrammarTrivia


In addition to ‘WOULD ALWAYS’, a speaker may use ‘Would forever’ or ‘Would often’ to express the same idea about repeated actions in the past. #GrammarTrivia

However, please remember that ‘WOULD ALWAYS’ does not describe past STATES. It describes repeated PAST ACTIONS/EVENTS. #GrammarTrivia

Therefore, you cannot say ‘Jack WOULD ALWAYS live in Brazil’. You should’ve said ‘Jack USED TO live in Brazil’. It is because the verb ‘live’ describes past STATE. #GrammarTrivia

However, you may say ‘Jack WOULD ALWAYS drive to Brazil’ since the verb ‘drive’ describes a past ACTION. #GrammarTrivia


‘WOULD ALWAYS’ can also be used as both an ACTIVE and PASSIVE sentence. Study the following examples. #GrammarTrivia

ACTIVE: ‘Jessica WOULD ALWAYS make the chocolate cake.’ | PASSIVE: ‘The chocolate cake WOULD ALWAYS BE MADE by Jessica. #GrammarTrivia


How is it, fellas? It’s simple, isn’t it? So that’s how we should use ‘WOULD ALWAYS’. I hope you do get the point. :) #GrammarTrivia

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Source: English Grammar in Use (Raymond Murphy, Cambridge University Press)

Compiled and written by @aditriasmara at @EnglishTips4U on June 16th, 2014.


One thought on “#GRAMMARTRIVIA: The Use of ‘WOULD ALWAYS’”

  1. so, if i say : i would always love you or i will always love you, that will be very different point? isnt it?

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