#EngTrivia: Anastrophe

Anyone here who is a fan of Star Wars? How excited are you for the seventh episode?

Do you fellas notice that there is a character in Star Wars that always speaks in a unique order?

@yodha_ma: I summon @GreenMasterYoda @NobleMasterYoda . Is he whom you want to hear?

That is right, the character is Yoda! Today we are going to discuss anastrophe, the unique way Yoda is talking!

@bagusnaya: it sounds even more poetic lol :)

Anastrophe is a figure of speech (“gaya bahasa”) in which the correct order of a sentence is reversed

Example: Normally we would say “I enjoy eating Indomie when the weather is cold.”

But with anastrophe, we are going to say “Eating Indomie when the weather is cold, I enjoy.”

@tiaswida: is it similar with Fronting?

@EnglishTips4U: Yes, it is similar to Fronting 

Another example: “On a sunny Sunday she went to the cinema to see Star Wars.”

Why do people use anastrophe? The main reason is to put emphasis.

Anyone knows what an emphasis is?

Yes, emphasis is ‘menekankan’. We want to stress on a certain part of the sentence.

When can you use anastrophe? We usually use it on daily conversation.

You can also use it when writing a story to make it more colourful!

However, you must remember NOT to use for academic purpose.

For essays in classes, stick to normal order, you must! 

Sources: Grammar Monster, Literary Device

Compiled by @animenur at @EnglishTips4U on June 15, 2014

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