#EngVocab: Relationship

Tonight admin wants to share some English Phrasal Verbs about relationship. Are you interested? I do hope so . Here are some phrasal verbs that we can use when talking about relationships we have with other people. Hope those will be useful for you :)

  1. Look up to: to respect and admire someone. e.g. Mita’s always looked up to her sister. She wants to be like her.
  2. Put up with: to tolerate, to accept an unpleasant situation. e.g. Please put up with his behavior. He’ll change soon.
  3. Get along: to have a good relationship. e.g. Don’t ask Luke about his father. He doesn’t get along with his father.
  4. Make up: to become friends with someone after a fight or argument. e.g. Han, go and see Kyle. You should make it up soon.
  5. Fall for: to suddenly have strong romantic feelings about someone. e.g. She always falls for a man with sunglasses. I don’t get it.
  6. Fall out: to argue with someone and stop being friendly with them. e.g. Tia’d fallen out with my brother since last year.
  7. Ask out: to invite someone to come with you, especially as a way of starting a romantic relationship. e.g. I’ll ask him out tonight.
  8. Hit it off: to like someone and become friendly immediately. e.g. Mel and Darren hit it off immediately.
  9. Go out: to have a romantic relationship with someone. e.g. How long have you been going out with my cousin, Kate?
  10. Break up: to end a romantic relationship. e.g. She can’t stop crying. Yuki asked her to break up with him.

I have tweeted some Phrasal Verbs about relationship. Are those interesting? Which one that you’d be likely to use?

Thanks for your attention, fellas. Hope those Phrasal Verbs will be useful for you. Have a good rest inside your blankets! It’s so cold now

Compiled by @iisumarni at @EnglishTips4U on July 4, 2013

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