#EngVocab: Internet

Hello fellas! How’s your Thursday? How’s your fasting?

Have you heard the words like cyberloaf, netpicker or web rage? No? Yes? Well, today admin wants to share some #EngVocab related to internet

  1. Cyberloaf: spend time on the internet at work doing personal things.
  2. Netpicker: a person who surfs the internet, looking for information in order to impress others with their knowledge of current events.
  3. Blook: a book written by a blogger. It’s a blending of ‘blog’ and ‘book’.
  4. Web rage: anger or frustation as a result of difficulties when using the internet.
  5. E-stalk: to stalk (follow) someone by using internet to find the information about someone.
  6. Tweeps: twitter users who follow us on twitter. Tweeps: twitter users who follow us on twitter. It is a combination of ‘twitter’ and ‘peeps’
  7. Cyberchondriac: a person who imagines that he/she is suffering from an illness after reading about the symptoms on the internet.
  8. Password fatigue: being tired of having to remember a large number of passwords for different social networks.
  9. Notspot: an area where there’s a slow internet access or no internet connection at all.

That’s a wrap, fellas! Hope those #EngVocab will be useful for you. Have a good rest. Good night!

Compiled by @iisumarni at @EnglishTips4U on July 18, 2013

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