#WOTD: Archive

Archive is a word that we hear a lot, especially relating to history, today it will be our #WOTD

Today I am suggesting one way to think of the word “archive” in English

Note: Could be really complicated to think of, but relax, it is for fun to know

I hope it will be interesting for you, fellas :)

Archive’s has synonyms including:

collection of records, chronicles, documents, files, scrolls, writings, clippings

One of the powerful, yet complicated, statements that admin could find about Archive is by Jaques Derrida

In the book “The Archive Fever” he stated:

“The archontic power…must be paired with….the power of consignation…the act of consigning through gathering together signs.”

The archontic power he meant here is the power of the archive itself, or could be his reference to the origin of the word.

The power of consignation – act of cosigning itself, comes form the gathering of lots of signs

Signs here can be anything, any words, objects, anything that could be signs to you, to us, the humans.

Thus archive is a pile of things indeed, nowadays could be physically and digitally found anywhere in the world

It is a collection of signs or things that we think might be connected and can be reopened again in the future

So, would you call a diary an archive? Maybe…

I hope this session has been interesting for you :)


Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4u on May 17, 2014



Jaques Derrida, Archive Fever: A Freudian Impression, (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1996), p. 3

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