#EngTrivia: Other Words for “Wedding”

First of all we would like to wish our dear admin @Patipatigulipat and Raymond a great wedding day today!

“Selamat hari bahagia, the cutest admin on @EnglishTips4U. Selamat menempuh hidup baru, @Patipatigulipat. ^_^” – @NenoNeno

Congratulations to you both and we wish you all the best in embarking your new life together :) Raymond selalu jagain Patty baik-baik yaa :D

“Yeayy, happy wedding our admin :) RT @EnglishTips4U: First of all we would like to wish our dear admin @Patipatigulipat and Raymond a great..” – @ArwikaYulenda

Talking about a wedding, today’s #EngTrivia would be on the word “wedding” itself :)

Oxford dictionary states, wedding (noun) is “a marriage ceremony, especially considered as including the associated celebrations.” Or its simplest definition, wedding is “the act or ceremony of marrying” [http://dictionary.com ]

“Wedding” the noun comes with the verb “wed” which means “to blend together or unite inseparably” or “to become united or to blend”

Did you know that the word “wedding” can be said in other ways? There are some idioms we can use as the subtitution of “wedding,” such as:

  1. “Take one’s vows.” Meaning: to get married and take your wedding vows or make your wedding promises.
    • Example:
      • “My brother and his fiancee took their vows at last.”
  2. “Tie the knot.” Meaning: to get married.
    • Example;
      • “Patty and Raymond tied the knot today in a blissful celebration.”
  3. Walk down the aisle together.” Meaning: to get married (in this case in a church where the bride walks down the aisle to the altar).
    • Example:
      • “At last, they decided when they would walk down the aisle together.”

What about “hear wedding bells“? “Hear wedding bells” means to think that someone is going to get married. So, it’s more like predicting someone is getting married

So “wedding” is related to “get married” which is also related to “marriage”

Marriage (noun) broadly means “any of the diverse forms of interpersonal union established in various parts of the world, to form a familial bond that is recognized legally, religiously, or socially, granting the participating partners mutual conjugal rights and responsibilities and including. For example, opposite-sex marriage, same-sex marriage, plural marriage, and arranged marriage” [http://dictionary.com ]

Sorry for the long definition, but I think that’s the best definition on the word “marriage” :)

“I wanna tie the knot with you. Is it rite?” Hmm.. you can say that…” – @aaaLaq

So, I hope this #EngTrivia session has been useful for you, fellas :) Have a great weekend!

Once again, Congratulations to @Patipatigulipat and Raymond :) Have a great marriage life! :D We admins send our love for you both!

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4u on Sunday, March 22, 2014.



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