#EngTrivia: Rupert Grint’s Accents

Hey fellas how has your Saturday been? :)

Well I hope our session today will cheer you up despite your bad day :)

Does anyone here know Rupert Grint from Harry Potter?

Did you know as a British actor he has been using different English accents in his characters?

What did you notice? :) “@cindydyrdi: I noticed that #EngTrivia

Well Rupert as one of the emerging Brtish actors have been in different kinds of movies that are considered unique.Since a lot of you have been asking how many different accents there are,admin thinks he’s one good example to hear what it is like.

Such as in Harry Potter he uses a standard British English accent

While in the un-aired Super Clyde he uses American accent 

Oh here is also Rupert using Irish accent in Cherrybomb

In his recent theatre show, called Mojo, he uses a Cockney accent, which is one of the British accents that still existed today.

Sadly there have been no clips that I could show on that :(

Yes you can also see it from that :) “@cindydyrdi: His British accent was different than when he’s talking (on the Talk Show) :) #EngTrivia

As some of you have mentioned, like Daniel Radcliffe, Andrew Garfield and Robert Pattinson also have been using American accents for their different characters in their different movies and theatre plays.

But what do fellas think? Do you think different accents from your favourite actor will help you understand accents differences?

@rainyummy: absolutely yes..”

@Electroboyzz: I can hear the differences between AmE and BrE, such as the intonation and stress in words.”

@puttrisetyana: yessss”

@magnainsani: yeaaa, i love actor with british accents :D.”

So I hope you have enjoyed today’s #EngTrivia on Rupert Grint’s accents :) Thank you for your participation fellas :)

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on February 8, 2014

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