#EngVocab: Other ways of saying ‘hold’

Tonight admin wants to share some #EngVocabs about the other ways of saying hold. Get ready, fellas :))

Hold means to take and keep something in your hand or arm.

  • Example:
    • “He was holding his girlfriend’s bag when we met yesterday.”
  1. Clasp. Meaning: to hold someone or something in your arms or hands.
    • Example:
      • “Mia clasped her nephew in her arms.”
  2. Grip. Meaning: to hold very tightly.
    • Example:
      • “My niece gripped my finger with her tiny hand.”
  3. Clutch. Meaning: to take hold of something tightly, usually in fear, worry or pain.
    • Example:
      • “Peter’s clutching the money to his chest, he feels like someone’s watching him.”
  4. Cling. Meaning: hold something and doesn’t want to let go.
    • Example:
      • “Ollie’s daughter is clinging to her new doll. She got it from her grandma.”
  5. Hang on. Meaning: to hold or continue holding onto something.
    • Examole:
      • “Hang on tight, this will be a bumpy ride. Michael is an amateur.”
  6. Cradle. Meaning: hold something or someone gently, especially by supporting them in your arms.
    • “Leo is cradling his puppy.”
  7. Grasp. Meaning: to quickly take something in your hands and hold it firmly.
    • Example:
      • “Pia suddenly grasped my hand. Her crush was there.”
  8. Grab. Meaning: to take hold of something or someone suddenly and roughly.
    • Example:
      • “A beggar grabbed Yessie’s handbag yesterday.”

That’s a wrap, fellas. Hope those #EngVocabs will be useful for you. Have a good rest. And wish tomorrow’d a great day for us!

Compiled and written by @iisumarni at @EnglishTips4U on Thursday, May 16, 2013.

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