#IOTW: Heart

Tonight admin wants to share some #IOTW related to Heart.

  1. Aching heart: rasa sakit hati atau sedih karena kehilangan. e.g.  Meg’s mother passed away last year and since then she always visits her graveyard with her aching heart every week.
  2. After one`s own heart: disukai oleh orang lain karena memiliki kesukaan yang sama. e.g. My boyfriend really likes heavy metal, just like my brother. He is after my brother’s heart.
  3. Break someone’s heart: membuat orang lain menjadi sedih. e.g. It broke my heart to see my niece who had lost his parents.
  4. Close to someone’s heart: sesuatu yang sangat penting bagi seseorang. e.g. Luke lives with his mother and his mother’s happiness is very close to his heart.
  5. Cross someone’s heart and hope to die: berjanji bahwa apa yang kamu katakan benar.  e.g. I promise that I’l buy you a present on your birthday. Cross my heart and hope to die.
  6. Die of a broken heart: menderita karena sedih sekali. e.g. Pete almost died of a broken heart when his ex-girlfriend told him to break up with her.
  7. Do someone’s heart good: membuat seseorang merasa bahagia. e.g. It does my heart;s good when I get some smiles from my crush.
  8. Do something in a heartbeat: melakukan sesuatu secepatnya disaat ada kesempatan. e.g. Lucas will quit his jobs in a heartbeat.
  9. Eat someone’s heart out: merasa kesal sekali. e.g. Gerard eats his heart out when Mikey broke his guitar that he won’t forgive him.
  10. Find it in one’s heart to do something: memiliki keberanian untuk melakukan sesuatu.  e.g. I couldn’t find it in my heart to tell my mom that I didn’t pass the exam.
  11. Have a heart of a stone: sangat tidak ramah. e.g. Brandon has a heart of a stone that no one wants to be his friend.
  12. Have a heart of gold: sangat baik hati dan ramah. e.g. My mother always tells me to have a heart of gold and always help other people when I have a chance.
  13. Have someone’s heart set on something: sangat menginginkan sesuatu. e.g. Lyn has her heart set on getting a phone for her birthday.
  14. Heart stands still: merasa sangat takut.  e.g. My heart stood still when our car almost hit a motorcycle.
  15. To someone’s heart’s content: sebanyak yang seseorang inginkan. e.g. My nephew was able to play in the beach to his heart’s content.

I’ve tweeted all of the #IOTW with their meanings. Hope those’ll make your night. Hope all of us will have a heart of gold. Night!

Compiled by @iisumarni at @EnglishTips4U on April 25, 2013

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