#EngVocab: New Words on Internet

Do you know that the internet continues to produce new words and phrases? Now admin will tweet the words that related to the Internet with their meaning :)

  1. Netizen: a person who uses the internet. e.g. The young singer got so many bad comments from netizens about his bad behaviour.
  2. The blogosphere: all the blogs on the internet and the people who read or write the blogs. e.g. The blogosphere has been very excited about the upcoming album of Panic at the Disco.
  3. Egosurfing (n): searching for your own name on the Internet. e.g. My brother is an egosurfing, I caught him red handed when I wanted to borrow his PC.
  4. Fansite: a website for people who like a particular people or things. e.g. Have you checked MCR’s fansite? Many netizens are disappointes with their decision. They want MCR to reunite.
  5. Flamer: someone who sends an angry or insulting email. e.g. I got so many mails from a flamer that I don’t know. It annoys me.
  6. Netspeak: the words, abbreviations, etc that people use to communicate on the Internet.  e.g. Come on, we’re not on the Internet, stop using the netspeak!
  7. Troll: someone who leaves an annoying message on the Internet, in order to get attention or ’cause trouble. e.g. I have to blocked him since he’s a troll. He likes to give bad comments on everything I write on my blog.
  8. Vodcast: a video that you can download from the Internet and play on a computer or on an MP3 player. e.g. I have a vodcast of Simple Plan’s concert last month, want to see it?
  9. Webinar: an online discussion of a group of people at the same time to study.  e.g. We’re going to have a webinar tonight, don’t forget to sign in at 7.
  10. Webzine: a magazine that is published on the Internet and not on paper. e.g. Have you read the webzine of This Magazine? It is awesome. I could save my money!

That’s a wrap, fellas! Hope those #EngVocab could be useful for you. Thank you for your participation :)

Compiled by @iisumarni at @EnglishTips4U on April 11, 2013

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