#EngVocab: American Food (3)

Happy Saturday fellas! I hope you are in a good state wherever you are despite the current extreme weather happening around the world..

Well to cheer you up from the gloomy day, I will be continuing last week’s session and it will be the last part of it

So here they are, #EngVocab in American food continued from no. 9!

9. Meatloaf – It was the recipe of “Cannelon of Beef” by Fannie Farmer that started it. Originally Fannie put slices of salt pork on the top of the ground or chopped beef which then shaped like a loaf and served it with brown mushroom sauce. Now meatloaf is made with different kinds of meat and served in different ways.

10. Macaroni and Cheese – popular known as Mac n Cheese is macaroni or any kind of pasta baked, melted with cheese. Mac n Cheese started when Thomas Jefferson “liked a certain noodle dish” which he noted down and served it back in America as “macaroni pie”.

Later on, his cousin, Mary Randolph, developed the “macaroni and cheese” recipe in her cookbook. Now it can be made and served everywhere, in America, Kraft sold it as an instant meal, like in Indonesia we have instant noodles

11. Potato chips – adalah kripik kentang. Note: Potato chips in America are potato crisps in Britain. It was American Indian chef named George Crum who created the loveable snack as a picky dinner customer said the fried cut potatoes he cooked were to thick and has to use fork to eat it.

After several times “thinning” it, he got to the point it’s really thin, fried, and no fork is needed. Since then, it became a hit. Herman Lay the founding of Lay’s potato chips was the first to market it nationally

12. Peanut butter sandwich – Peanut butter is a spread made from peanut while its sandwich is basically bread with that spread. But now it was no longer just the spread. Some people would pair it with jelly, known as Peanut Butter and Jelly.Admin would say peanut butter sandwich is an equivalent to Indonesian’s roti  mentega isi meses cokelat:)

13. S’mores – anyone know this one? It is marshmallows toasted or grilled above the fire by a stick. It is a “gooey, melty, warm and sweet” food. it’s often related to camping food as the first one to introduce the recipe were the Girl Scouts in 1927

Lastly, 14. Popcorn – who doesn’t know this cinema related food? Made by dried corn seeds cooked with butter or oil and left exploding by itself for a few minutes. Popcorn was discovered way back in 3600 BC by native Americans in New Mexico. In America alone, 15 billion liters of it finished in a year which is 48 liters per man, woman, or child.

So that’s it fellas! Our #EngVocab on American food comes to an end…I hope you have enjoyed the past three Saturday sessions :)

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on January 4, 2014



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