#EngVocab: American Food (2)

Hello fellas! Hope you had a good Saturday so far!

As promised, I will be continuing our #EngVocab on American food :)

I stopped at no.3 last time so here are the rest:

4. Barbecue ribs – usually made from pork or beef, either “slathered or smoked”.

Slathered = diolesi bumbu, smoked = diasap.

Apparently there are a lot of competitions on it throughout the America for you to judge. For pork ribs, tradition of gathering for barbecues from before the Civil War has happened in the South part of the country where “finer points of pork earn the region the title of the Barbecue Belt”. Meanwhile, Texas claim themselves as the barbecue beef and Kansas City as “where the sauce is the thing”

5. Cheeseburger – nyumm… you pretty much can find in almost all fast food counters, or burger specialty restaurants. A cheeseburger is a hamburger with a slice of cheese on it, a hamburger is a fried/grilled patty of ground beef placed between buns and garnished. Apparently it was born at Pasadena, California in the late 1920s, “a young chef at The Rite Spot accidentally burned a burger and slapped on some cheese to cover his blunder”. What an interesting story isn’t it?

6. Hot dogs – sausage in a bun…why is it so…Apparently it was from a “similar sausage from Frankfurt, Germany” sometimes called “frankfurter” and “frank”. Which German immigrant Charles Feltman served it “using buns to save on plates”. Yet it was Polish immigrant Nathan Handwerker that made it an icon by selling it in a stand at Coney Island.

7. Nachos – not quite American but America made it popular indeed. Nacho is a corn chip or tortilla chip which is basically made from corn. It was in Piedaras Negras, Mexico when Ignacio Anaya invented it spontaneously for the wives of American soldiers at Fort Duncan who arrived at the Victory Club restaurant after closing time. Apparently “nacho” was from the chef’s name “Ignacio” himself while in Spanish “nacho” is “flat-nosed”.

8. Chocolate-chip cookies – remember what’s discussed here https://englishtips4u.com/2013/01/30/engtrivia-british-englishbre-6-biscuit/? As explained, cookies are what biscuits are called in America. Chocolate-chip cookie is a popular one.It was in 1930s, Ruth Wakefield who owned the Toll House Inn at Whitman, Massachusetts invented it. Now her cookies are known as “Mrs. Fields”. At the time, Mrs Wakefield did not come up with chocolate chips straight away to put on her dough mixtures. She used Nestle semisweet chocolate bar somehow which ended up receiving chocolate chips lifetime supply from Nestle #EngVocab

That’s it for today fellas :) I hope you this has been useful :)

Still haven’t got enough of these #EngVocab? Don’t worry, more to come next week!

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on January 11, 2014



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