#IOTW: Earth

Hiyya, fellas! Since today is Earth day, I’ll share a couple of idioms with the word “earth”.

1. To come back down to earth. Meaning: to return and face reality after an excitement; kembali pada kenyataan setelah sesuatu yg menyenangkan.

  • I was excited to get the grand prize, but I came back down to earth when I realized that I would still have to some tax.

2. To bring (someone) back down to earth. Meaning: to help someone face reality; to help someone who is euphoric become more realistic; membuat seseorang sadar atas kenyataan setelah sesuatu yang menyenangkan.

  • I hate to be the one to bring you down to earth, but things aren’t as good as you think.

3. The salt of the earth. Meaning: a very good and honest person; orang yang baik hati dan jujur.

  • His mother’s the salt of the earth. She’d go to a great length to help anyone.

4. Down-to-earth (person/people). Meaning: people who are practical, reasonable, friendly; seseorang yang ramah, bersahabat, tidak mengada-ada.

  • She’s the most down-to-earth girl I know, unlike others who are full of pretensions.

5. To go to earth. Meaning: to go away somewhere where people can’t find you; bersembunyi.

  • The singer decided not to go to earth and face the accusation with her head held high.

6. Heaven on earth. Meaning: something extremely good; sesuatu yg teramat baik/menyenangkan/enak.

  • After a long and tiring day, a good soak in the tub sure feels like heaven on earth.

7. To move heaven and earth (to do something). Meaning: to do everything possible to achieve a something, melakukan segala cara untuk mencapai sesuatu.

  • His mom would move heaven and earth to get him the most beautiful bride in the world.

8. On the face of the earth. Meaning: existing; yang ada (di dunia).

  • He is probably the nicest man on the face of the earth.

9. To wipe someone or something off the face of the earth – to make disappear completely; melenyapkan sepenuhnya.

  • The tornado wiped my school off the face of the earth! There’s nothing to salvage.

10. The four corners of the earth/world. Meaning: every part of the world; dari seluruh penjuru dunia, dari segala tempat.

  • People travel from the four corners of the world to witness the royal wedding.

And that’s a wrap for today, fellas! Want more idioms? Simply click this link.

Compiled and written by @Miss_Qiak at @EnglishTips4U on Tuesday, April 22, 2014.



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