Hey, fellas!

Baju seperti apa sih yang menurut kamu “paling comfort”? Or should it be “paling comfortable”? Atau “paling comforting”?

Gimana sih bedain pemakaian kata COMFORT, COMFORTABLE dan COMFORTING? Yuk kita bahas satu-per-satu. Stay tuned to today’s #WOTD, fellas! :)

The word COMFORT can be a noun and also a verb. Check out the following points.

1. As a NOUN (K.Benda),

Comfort = KENYAMANAN, suatu keadaan yang nyaman, santai, tanpa derita fisik/mental. Contoh: The car is spacious. It’s big enough for the whole family to travel in comfort. – bepergian dalam kenyamanan.

Comfort = PENGHIBURAN. Contoh: He’s been having a hard time. Her presence was a comfort to him. – sebuah penghiburan bagi dia.

Comfort = ORANG/BENDA yang memberi penghiburan. Contoh: She was a great comfort to him. – orang yang memberi penghiburan bagi dia.

Comfort, the noun, is synonymous with: luxury, wellbeing, consolation, encouragement, help, support, relief, ease.

2. As a VERB (K.Kerja),

Comfort = MENGHIBUR, memberi seseorang kelegaan. Contoh: They tried to comfort her after her ex dumped her.

To comfort is to lessen the sadness or sorrow of someone and to strengthen by inspiring with hope & restoring a cheerful outlook.

To comfort, the verb, is synonymous with: to console, to ease, to cheer, to soothe, to strengthen, to relieve.

Now we know that COMFORT is a NOUN and also a VERB. Next, well talk about COMFORTABLE & COMFORTING. They’re both ADJECTIVES.

3. COMFORTABLE is an ADJECTIVE (k.sifat).

Comfortable = NYAMAN, menyenangkan, yang nyaman, meyakinkan.  Contoh: This is the most comfortable chair ever. – kursi yang paling nyaman.

COMFORTABLE is synonymous with: pleasant, easy, relaxing, enjoyable, cosy, snug, roomy, loose-fitting.

4. COMFORTING is an ADJECTIVE (k.sifat).

Comforting = MELEGAKAN, MENGHIBUR, menghiburkan. Contoh: After a hard day at work, I’d love to have a long comforting soak in a hot bath. – rendaman yang melegakan.

COMFORTING is synonymous with: cheering, satisfying, consoling, reassuring.


I hope the session managed to help you figure our whether to use COMFORT/COMFORTABLE/COMFORTING in the question I’ve posted earlier.

It’s always COMFORTING to have a place to come home to, a COMFORTABLE bed to sleep in and all the COMFORTS of a home.

That’s a wrap, fellas! Have a good rest for those who are turning in and a great night for those who thinks the night is still young.


Compiled and written by @Miss_Qiak at @EnglishTips4U on April 10, 2014

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