#EngGame: describe the weird and funny photos!

Hello, fellas! What are you up to? If you’ve got nothing to do or just wanna have fun, join our tonight! :D

The rule of the is simple: I will post weird/funny photos I take from Google & your job is to describe the photos. How? Up to you!

You can use any kind of tenses, and please describe them as best as you can. The best descriptions will be retweeted! :D


1. funny-cat-25_1













8. smell-tester-armpits-293lm-getty

Some of fellas’ funny and hilarious answers that got retweeted during the session:

  1. : once upon a busy day in a busy city, lived a lazy cat. It was so lazy it’d never let anyone/anything disturb its sleep time. | : I feel itchy on my back, and I know the WAY to relieve it
  2. : “Excuse me. Do you happen to know where Nemo lives?” | : because giving christmas gifts in the sky with deers is too mainstream.
  3. : “I’m transforming into butterfly.” | : Kidnapped by an amateur
  4. : Because of the rapid rise of the price of petroleum, we need to be wise | : friendship is everything. Wherever we go, whenever we want to, we go together. No one can get in the way, even the police.
  5. : We have no idea what we’re doing |  : other way to walking down the stair
  6. : I’m single for abt 30 years, why? Why? Why? *jump* Ouch, sh*t! Crocodile!!! | : #6 land crocodile vs water crocodile, buaya dara vs buaya air = BUAHAYYA (bahaya) =p
  7. : Alert to Miley Cirus, she need a tongue extension | : Spongebob and patrick will have a brand new friend. Here she is, Squidward’s sister…
  8. : Bahaha, Those body odors probably become aroma therapy fo those who had insomniac | : if you think you have the worst job in the world, you’ll need to see this picture…

Source of images: Google Images

Compiled and written by @NenoNeno at @EnglishTips4U on January 6, 2014

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