#EngGame: The eve of Patty’s wedding day

Who’s up to help complete a short story? Rearrange these jumbled letters and form a words to go with the story.

Once upon a time, in a field full of [1. TRANRAFG] flowers, there were three tents built under the cool moonlight. People hustled to prepare for a celebration. Everybody [2. LOUIZANYX] awaited for tomorrow. Tables were [3. DEEDCAROT], chairs tied with sashes, and pretty chandeliers hung above the dance floor.

“Poxy Panda, though you look great in the tail coat tuxedo, the party isn’t until tomorrow [4. NEENVIG].” said Richie Rat. “I’m well aware of that, Richie Rat. I just can’t wait [5. TONHEAR] minute to show the long tail I have behind me.” said Poxy Panda.

Minzy & Pinzy swoosh by twirling around in an [6. KRAWDAW] waltz. “Richie, Poxy, do make way. We’re practicing for tomorrow.”

“I’m so [7. TIXCEED] I think I will start hopping even in my dream.” said Billie Bunny.

By the [8. CANTREEN], Popo Penguin tied the last pull for the wedding bell hung under an arch of lilies and roses. “That’s just [9. TCREEFP], Popo Penguin.” said Matcha Fish. “Now we’re all ready for the wedding.”

Looking [10. UDRONA] in the tent, Popo Penguin couldn’t find Patty Owl. “Where is the bride-to-be, Matcha Fish?” “She’s gone to her room to tuck away the hand [11. OUTUBQE] before Brown Bear ruin it.” answered Richie Rat. “Good idea.” said Pinky Octopus. “I’ll catch up with Patty Owl right after I [12. ACHSTN] that martini glass from our groom-to-be.”

“He wouldn’t [13. PARTPIEACE] a headache in the morning.” said Popo Penguin, tapping his feet.  “Come now, Raymond. You’ll be the best groom for Patty Owl.” [14. USREADS] Matcha Fish. “And your bride shall be the happiest girl to have you.” continue Poxy Panda, [15. YAPLING] with his new tail.

After everybody had cleared the decorated tent, Patty Owl [16. TREENDUR] one last time and think, “I can’t believe I’m really getting marriedtomorrow.” With the happy [17. HGOTHUT], Patty Owl slept with a wide grin.

Rearrange the jumbled letters and complete the story.


  1. Fragrant;
  2. Anxiously;
  3. Decorated;
  4. Evening;
  5. Another;
  6. Awkward;
  7. Excited;
  8. Entrance;
  9. Perfect;
  10. Around;
  11. Bouquet;
  12. Snatch;
  13. Appreciate;
  14. Assured;
  15. Playing;
  16. Returned;
  17. Thought.

Check out the answers, fellas. I’m sure it was quite an easy #EngGame, wasn’t it? :D

Unbeknown to you, fellas, part of the short story is true… A day after this article was posted, one of our admin walked down the aisle.


Though not all admins can come to the wedding, we all wish Patty & Raymond a blissful wedding, a loving family and a blessed union. XOXO

Compiled and written by @Miss_Qiak at @EnglishTips4U on Friday, March 21, 2014

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