#IOTW: Business idioms (1)

Hello hello, fellas! It’s time to share some idioms and, this time, they’re all about business.

  1. Mean business. Arti: to be serious, bersikap serius.
    • Contoh:
      • “Our boss means business when he announced the change of structure.”
  2. Blow a deal. Arti: to ruin a business deal with someone, mengacaukan atau merusak kesepakatan bisnis.
    • Contoh:
      • “We are working hard so that we do not blow the deal with our new customer.”
  3. Across the board. Arti: including everyone or everything, secara keseluruhan, termasuk semuanya.
    • Contoh:
      • “The company decided to give the workers an across-the-board bonus to celebrate the anniversary.”
  4. Balance the books. Arti: to check that all the money in a business is accounted for, memastikan seluruh uang tercatat dan seimbang.
    • Contoh:
      • “The accountant spent several days trying to balance the books of his company.”
  5. Float (someone) a loan. Arti: to loan someone money, meminjamkan uang pada seseorang.
    • Contoh:
      • “He asked the bank to float a loan to fund the expansion.”
  6. Bring (something) to the table. Arti: to offer something during a negotiation, menawarkan sesuatu sebagai alat negosiasi.
    • Contoh:
      • “They came back and brought a new offer to the table after we turned down the one before.”
  7. Close the books. Arti: to stop taking orders, to end a bookkeeping period, tutup buku, mengakhiri periode bisnis.
    • Contoh:
      • “The company will close the books at the end of December.”
  8. In black and white. Arti: in writing, secara tertulis, secara hitam-putih.
    • Contoh:
      • “To prevent any future dispute, its best to put everything we’ve discussed in black and white.”
  9. Go belly up. Arti: to go out of business because of financial problems, gulung tikar akibat masalah finansial.
    • Contoh:
      • “The hair salon had no choice but to go belly up soon after the financial crisis.
  10. In the long run. Arti: over a long period of time, dalam jangka waktu panjang.
    • Contoh:
      • “The company has been losing money recently but in the long run they should make a profit.”

There goes 10 business related idioms for now, fellas! I sure hope you find them useful. :)

Familiarize yourself with these 10 idioms and try to use them in sentences. Give them a try. :D

Better to know than to stay oblivious. Better to put things into action than to know and let them pass. Whatchu waiting for? Practice now.

Compiled and written by @Miss_Qiak at @EnglishTips4U on Tuesday, February 4, 2014

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