#EngTalk: Indonesian English (4)

Hi, fellas. What are you up to tonight? It’s been a long time since we had #EngTalk about Indonesian English. Let’s have that tonight. :)

We still have quite a lot of questions that haven’t been answered so today’s rule will be: we don’t accept new questions.

If you want to read other #EngTalk on Indonesian English go to: https://englishtips4u.com/?s=Indonesian+english&submit=Search …. Today we’ll have 10 questions. So here we go! :D


  1. @mashan98: what is “mata keranjang” in English?”
  2. @SCANDAL25_: how about ‘kesandung’?”
  3. @UtamiEster: min kalo kemalaman / terlalu malam gmana?”
  4. @Ptah_toegoel: Kalo Tengsin B.ing nya apa yaaaa???”
  5. @audinaw: how about “merinding”?”
  6. @fatimazza: what is “gorengan” in English? is that “something fried”? :|”
  7. @nurbudhi: how about “cacingan” in english”
  8. @Jijipuji: what is “kayang” in english?”
  9. @elv_utari: what about ‘telor ceplok’??”
  10. @moajulius: kalo nyungsep min???”


  1. @MRAHADIANR: womanizer/ flirty | @christcosca: Masher | @nofaaditya: Some people called itchy | @ach_ariezki: Wandering eyes
  2. @giitart: Stumble | @fachryspears: trip. E.g. I tripped over a stone and almost fell. | @opikokip: Stumble, stumble upon
  3. @ttyoo: Late night | @FerryFadlii: late: it’s already late, i need to go home. |  @doreree: Too late
  4. @ttyoo: embarrassed | @sofyanlich: Awkward | @jessicatryas: tengsin » sheepish?
  5. @Derpamoto: Shiver | @ndaahanda: get goosebumps | @shayasasha: Q5. Shaking
  6. @wanpins: gorengan = deep fried snack | @RikoARM: Fried Snack | @hrypratama: Fritters | @ndaahanda: fries
  7. ‏@NellaRifah: Wormy | @MRAHADIANR: wormy/worm disases
  8. @novirindi: I think it’s called “back bridge” | @dianamontje: It’s called Backbend |
    @rhapsodicx: i’m pretty sure it’s called brigde. The basic position for backhand spring.| @MRAHADIANR: backhand spring /bridge (bahasa senam hehe)
  9. @dilafd: Sunny side up | @dilaulia: fried egg | @tegaraguta: sunny side up egg
    @heyshezie: ‘Fried egg’ would be enough. Or, ‘sunny-side up’, if it’s fried only on one side.
  10. ‏@wanpins: tripped off | @Yudhimahartha: Falling with head first

Compiled and written by @NenoNeno at @EnglishTips4U on October 29, 2013

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