#EngTalk: British English (7) – Pronunciation

Did you know that British English have certain pronunciations on certain words?

How would you say “library”? “Greenwich”? “Preliminary”?

This will be our little #EngTalk session today :)

So it was stated that in British English there’s a tendency that they would say things in 2 syllables while…

in American English it’s 3 syllables

So people would say “Greenwich” -> “Grin-witch” when actually to the British is -> “Grinich

A word like “library” people would say “lay-bre-ree” but in British would be “lay-bree”

It’s weird isn’t it that they don’t say the “bra” or “bre” bit

Same with “Preliminary” people woulds say it “pre-lemee-naree” while in British “preleem-naree”

So the “limi” or “lemee” were almost missing too in the pronunciation

Another famous place in London would be “Leicester Square”

People would say the “Leicester” part -> “Lei-ses-ter” while Londoners or British would say it “Leis-ter”

Again, the middle part is not being pronounced or said

For sure from wherever you are, don’t worry on how to say it, in Britain some of them would not mind how you pronounce it

So that’s it for now :) I hope you like the lil #EngTalk :D

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on December 7, 2013

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