#EngPic: London Weather Forecast Reading

Happy Saturday fellas! Heard Bali is really hot, but London got its winter keep kickin in! Either way, hope your Saturday is well :)

Speaking of the weather… I am going to do an #EngPic on London weather :)

Before I share the #EngPic, it’s best to read the previous session about weather I did https://englishtips4u.com/2013/10/23/engtrivia-enggame-words-names-and-conditions-of-weather/ … :)

If you have read it, look at this picture….


Pay attention to the time, images of the weather and the temperature only

I am going to give you several questions based on the #EngPic for you to answer now, best answers as usual get RT :)


Q1. On 09 Nov 2013, what’s the weather image telling you at 15:00?

Q2. Can you summarise what the weekend weather is?

Q3. Between the weekend, which day is better and why?

You can answer it with your own words or using the #EngVocab #EngGame discussed previously on weather conditions

I will give you approximately 1 hour to answer and looking forward to your answers as this is for practising after all :)

Tips: try answering them in a sentence instead of only one word and don’t worry about your grammar, this is not a test :)





A1. For sure that 15:00 weather image is “@celinetnz: Cloudy” and it seems to have a chance of this as well “@naufalrizkisep: I think it is drizzle.” This weather image like this in London is pretty common to be found and the sun appearing is known to be the “sunny spell”.

And yes “@MeyMaiaMey: The weather on 9 nov 13 at 15.00 not too good. I mean ‘Rainy'”

A2. “@detya_sukkie: it’s horrible. heavy rainy comes almost all weeks.” Well I wouldn’t agree completely if you look at the #EngPic

@naufalrizkisep: It’s relative cloudy in the weekend. Saturday has a probability that it will rain at 12:00 until 15:00.”

A3. “@Electroboyzz: sunday is better. Because all the time has a good weather. It’s good for you if you have a vacation or something fun outside”

It’s getting quite late so I think it’s best to finish our session here then :) Thank you for all the participation, hope this #EngPic session has been useful :)

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on November 9, 2013

Source of Picture: UK Weather Forecast App

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