#EngVocab: Other ways to say ‘Machine’

So do fellas remember the #EngGame #EngVocab we did on daily Use Machine? Link: https://englishtips4u.com/2013/10/22/engvocab-enggame-daily-use-machines/ …

Today I am going to share more #EngVocab on machines :)

As posted in the Macmillan Dictionary blog, there are several words synonym to the word machine that we can use in daily basis and admin thinks that few of them were used much often due to the technology development that existed today

Here are the 8 other ways of saying the word “machine” according to the Macmillan Dictionary:

  1. Device: such as a computer keyboard is an input DEVICE so it’s “a small machine that has been designed to do something specific”

  2. Appliance: remember the ricecooker?Toaster? They are part of APPLIANCE which is “a machine that has a practical use in the home”

  3. Gadget: I am sure no one is unfamiliar with this word nowadays. Your smartphone? Or tablet? Well a gadget is… “a small machine that does something useful, or” it could be the opposite as it “is designed to do something useful but is in fact useless or unnecessary”. Woaw…anyone can think of a useless gadget?

  4. Tool: can be motoric and manual things such as a drill, hammer and screwdriver. Tool is “an instrument that you hold in your hand to do something physical”

  5. Equipment: quite a general one but of course it is a machine after all. Equipments are “things that you use for doing a particular job or for a particular purpose: play/kitchen/diving/climbing equipment”

  6. Implement: pen? Pencils? Scissors? They also can be an IMPLEMENT which is “a specially shaped object that you use for doing something specific”

  7. Contraption: this one I never heard of, it’s “a machine that is very complicated and looks rather strange”

  8. Mechanism: it is “a part of a machine that does something specific, especially something that involves opening or closing” Such as the mechanism of a door, lift and so on. ” I tried to open it but the mechanism had jammed” for example

Are they hard words to learn or easy peasy for you? :) gampang atau susah kata2 tersebut?

@nndmulya: I’m not using ’em on daily ._.” I said you can use it, not that you have to use it and it is fine if you don’t use it daily :)

@MauLyzha: The information is really good, it will make my eng better. Thanks

@IndahSyftr: I never use some of those words haha”

@hentytvc: contraption is new. Implement is bit weird for pen and pencil?”

@straycatrenate: actually I’m familiar to those words, I just don’t realize that they are family (related) to machine :D”

Thank you for your attention fellas!

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on October 30, 2013

Source: http://www.macmillandictionaryblog.com/language-tip-of-the-week-machine

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