#EngTalk: The importance of improving your vocabulary

Hi, fellas! Previously I’ve shared some tips on to build English vocabulary (#EngTips: How to enlarge vocabulary and reading skill). In this occassion, I want to share to you why building your vocabulary is important.

First of all, it gives you the ability to say what you mean.  Have you ever faced a difficulty to express something because you didn’t know how to say it?

Or, have you overused a word to describe a wide range of seemingly unrelated things?  A nimble working vocabulary gives you the ability to make finer distinctions between things.

Second, it helps you understand other people. A diverse vocabulary allows you to talk with a wide range of people from different background.

Third, it helps you understand what you read. The more you read, the more you understand words. Words you were unfamilar with become words you can easily understand.

Fourth, it allows you to communicate effectively. Once you know a diverse vocabulary, you will have the ability to choose the rights ones to express an idea.

Fifth, it helps you make a good impression on others. Face it, people will judge you based on your vocabulary (not only English, but also Indonesian and others).

The good thing is anybody can build vocabulary. An improved vocabulary will open up new opportunities for you, which will boost your confidence as well. People will recognize you as an intelligent and capable person.

There is no shortcut to master English, but surely all roads lead to Rome, fellas!




Compiled and written by @Patipatigulipat at @EnglishTips4U on Thursday, September 19, 2013

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