#IOTW: Idioms on clothings (2)

It’s time, fellas! Who’s ready for some #IOTW? Last week, we’ve talked about some idioms on hats, caps and bonnets [#IOTW: IDIOMS ON CLOTHINGS (1)]. Now… continuing the theme of #IOTW on clothing materials, today we’ll slide down a lil and talk about shirts and belts. :D

1. Keep one’s shirt on. Meaning: to stay calm; to calm down.

  • “We have enough donuts for everyone. So please get in line and keep your shirt on.”

2. The shirt off one’s back. Meaning: the maximum one’s able to give or lose.

  • “Not many people would give his shirt off his back to help others in difficulty. “

3. Only the clothes one stood up in. Meaning: to possess nothing apart from what one wears.

  • After being kicked out by his wife, he was left with only the clothes he stood up in. “

4. Buckle down. Meaning: to work extra hard.

  • “There’s a math exam next Monday, so I need to buckle down this weekend.”

5. Below the belt. Meaning: unfair; cruel.

  • “We all know she has a soft spot for her grandson. I think it was a bit below the belt to use him to get her consent.”

6. Tighten your belt. Meaning: to spend less money; to be careful how you spend money because there is less available.

  • “We have barely enough to cover this month’s rent. We really need to tighten our belt this month.”

7. Get something under your belt. Meaning: to achieve something or acquired experience.

  • “I’ve finally received the acceptance letter yesterday. Now I’ve got that under my belt, I can relax a little.”

8. Belt up. Meaning: to keep quiet.

  • “Just belt up, would you? I’m having an important call right now.”

That’s all for today, fellas! Click here for more idioms.

Compiled and written by @Miss_Qiak at @EnglishTips4U on November Monday, 18, 2013.



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