#EngGame: Solve These Riddles (14)

Hello, fellas. Good evening to you. :D How’s your Sunday? Is today your last day on long holiday?

Tonight’s session will be fun. Do you know what it is, fellas? ;D

Tonight’s session will be #EngGame. All you need to do is answer the question from each riddle which I’m going to post. Sounds fun, fellas?

Let’s start the #EngGame

1. Which letter is not me?

2. What has to be broken before you can use it?

3. What clothing is always sad?

4. What stays hot even if put in a refrigerator?

5. Which can move faster, heat of cold?

6. Which room has no doors, no windows?

7. What has teeth but can’t bite?

8. Why did the man throw the butter out the window?

9. What five-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?

10. What has four fingers and a thumb but no flesh and bone?

Those are ten riddles for tonight’s #EngGame. Have fun, fellas. I’ll be back in 30 minutes to retweet your correct answer.

Hey, fellas. I’m back. Ready for the answers? ;)

1.  @irarakaip: U

2.  @tertersiesteregg

3.  ‏@marthayunanda: blue Jeans

4.  @ajengHp: chili ; @Zurich_05: pepper

5.  @karinamadjidheat cause everybody can catch a cold

6.  @IMojan: mushroom

7.  @amsterodeo: a comb

8.  @IndahSyftr: because he wanted to see a butterfly

9.  @illuhu: short

10. @agil0: gloves

That’s all for tonight. Thank you so much for your participation, fellas. I hope you’re having fun during the session.

Compiled and written by @fabfebby at @EnglishTips4U on August 18, 2013



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