#EngVocab: Starts with “to-“

So today we are having another #EngVocab session :) This time, starting with “to-” taken from the New Webster’s Dictionary :D Here they are!

1. Toboggan: n. a long, narrow sled of flat boards, used for coasting downhill on ice or snow

Toboggan: v.i. to ride on a toboggan || to fall rapidly in value

2. Toil: n. hard effort || a task performed with such effort

3. topple/toppling/toppled: v.i. to fall || to be on the point of falling over || v.t. to cause to fall from a position of power

4. Toreador: n. a bullfighter, especially one on horseback

5. Torpid: adj. having ceased to move or feel for a period, e.g. in hibernation || noun form = torpidity

6. Topaz: n. a mineral gemstone, the yellow topaz being the most precious.

7. Toupee: n. a small wig used to hide baldness || a wig

8. Tortuous: adj. having many twists and turns || not frank or straightforward || hard to follow because involved

9. Tourniquet: n. a bandage for temporarily stopping bleeding by compression.

10. Townsfolk: n. the people of a town.

Thank you for your kind attention fellas and hope the #EngVocab is useful :) I hope you are having a good fast breaking :D See you tomorrow!

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on July 23, 2013

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