#EngVocab: 10 New Words The Internet Has Given English

Hi, fellas! How’s your day today?

The digital era presents us with countless ways to connect and communicate. That includes a wide variety of new words added to our dictionary.  And now you can look some of those words that you often hear or read them before in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED).

I will post some of those new words so you know that these words are officially added into the English lexicon. :)

  1. Crowdsourcing (n.): the practice of obtaining information or services by soliciting input from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.
  2. Mouseover (n.): the action of moving the pointer on to an element of a graphical user interface or web page.
  3. Follower (n.): a person who follows a particular person, group, etc. on a social media website or application.
  4. Tweet (v.): to post (a message, item of information, etc) on Twitter.
  5. Geekery (n.): subject or pursiot, esp. one regarded as unfashionable/highly technical. Also: the geekiness.
  6. E-reader (n.): a reader of an electronic version of a book, newspaper, etc.. E-reader (n.): also means a hand-held electronic device used for reading e-books or other text in digital form.
  7. Flash mob (n.): a large group of people organized by means of the Internet/mobile phones/other wireless devices who assemble in public to perform a prearranged action together & then quickly disperse.
  8. Dad dancing: an awkward, unfashionable, or unrestrained style of dancing to pop performed by middle-aged men.
  9. Tweetup (n.): a meeting organized by means of posts on Twitter.
  10. Cludgie (n.): a toilet, lavatory.

Why is this news interesting? Because this breaks at least one OED rule, namely that a new word needs to be current for ten years before consideration for inclusion. Some of those words above, such as ‘tweet’, have been used for less than 10 years. The dictionary’s chief editor John Simpson said ‘tweet’ was added because the word “seems to be catching on”.

Hmm… That’s the power of digital era, don’t you think?


Compiled and written by @Patipatigulipat at @EnglishTips4U on July 12, 2013








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