#IOTW: Idiom related to sports

Are you planing to play basketball or other sports? I’m going to share some idioms related to sports!

  1. Neck and neck. Arti: hampir bersamaan.
    • Contoh:
      • “Mira and Sari finished the race neck and neck.”
  2. To jump the gun. Arti: terlalu cepat melakukan sesuatu.
    • Contoh:
      • “When we took the final test, someone in my class jumped the gun and started early.”
  3. Get your skates on. Arti: ekspresi untuk meminta seseorang melakukan sesuatu dengan cepat.
    • Contoh:
      • Get your skates on! We’re going to miss the movie!”
  4. To throw in the towel. Arti: mengakhiri sesuatu.
    • Contoh:
      • “When my brother can’t stand no more of dad’s temper, he threw in the towel and left.”
  5. To kick something off. Arti: memulai sesuatu.
    • Contoh:
      • “They kick off the party with two toasts.”
  6. Skate on thin ice. Arti: mengambil risiko besar.
    • Contoh:
      • “You are skating on thin ice when you open the door!”
  7. Keep your eye on the ball. Arti: memperhatikan baik-baik.
    • Contoh:
      • “You would do better in class if you keep your eye on the ball.”
  8. To be below the belt. Arti: kejam dan tidak adil.
    • Contoh:
      • “It was below the belt to mock him in front of everybody.”
  9. Down to the wire. Arti: hasilnya baru terlihat di detik terakhir.
    • Contoh:
      • “I think this game will go down to the wire.”
  10. Move the goalposts. Arti: mengubah peraturan untuk menyusahkan seseorang.
    • Contoh:
      • “I almost got the written agreement when some guys moved the goalposts and said they need more money.”


Compiled and written by @Patipatigulipat at @EnglishTips4U on Friday, May 24, 2013

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