#EngVocab: Indonesian Independence Day Games

Hey there fellas! Happy Independence Day!!! :D

Did you go to your school’s or workplace’s flag ceremony this morning? Did you join any competition? :)

Did you know that Indonesian all over the world celebrates Indonesian Independence Day as well?

Yes, usually our representative office such as General Consulate or Embassy would hold a flag ceremony in the morning..

Of course based on their local time, then there will be entertainment such as…

Performances of traditional dances, music, and most of all the never forgotten Independence Day games!

Ever wondered what these games are called in English? Well admin found some common ones around the web :)

Here is our special #EngVocab for today! Check it out!

Palm (or pole) climbing = panjat pinang –> usually two groups of four people climb a palm trunk, originally areca nut trunk (sometimes a pole instead) which had prizes hanged on its top usually clothing, electronic devices, cash and more. Of course it is not made easy, therefore the trunk has oil on it to make it slippery. Sometimes even water and mud are thrown to competitors.


Tug-of-war = tarik tambang –> involving two teams, one on each side of a rope. Both teams have to pull it until one team falls on the middle point settled. That middle point sometimes has mud prepared on it.


Sack race = balap karung –> each participant gets a sack (usually an old rice sack) and has to go inside it up to the hip. Then, they have to get their laps done by jumping with it like kangaroos.


Cracker eating = makan kerupuk ->  such a classic game for Indonesian Independence Day. Cracker or kerupuk has been known as one of Indonesian’s favourite food. The competition involves it being hanged high above on a plastic rope, then participant has to eat it without any hands help.

rsbp.org-makan kerupuk

Marble race = balap kelereng -> each participant gets a spoon and a marble will be placed on the spoon. This spoon has to be held by the teeth and mouth with no hands allowed to support it or held by only one hand.  Who finished their laps first, wins.


Bakiak racing = lomba bakiak -> bakiak is a traditional wooden sandals which had rubber straps on them with capacity for 2-3 people. This was used together by walking it to get to the finish line.


Inserting a pencil/nail into a bottle = masukkan pensil/paku ke botol -> one participant would get their waist wrapped with a plastic rope which one of its end has a nail or pencil hanging under their rare. This pencil/nail has to go in a glass bottle which is located just behind the participant. It takes a lot of patience to get this done.


That’s it for today fellas! I hope this #EngVocab has been useful :)

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Tetap semangat!! Junjung tinggi Bhinneka Tunggal Ika!!! MERDEKA!! :D


http://www.thecheers.org/Entertainment/article_2468_Celebration-of-The-Independence-Day-LETS-HAVE-FUN.html Celebration of The Independence Day by Yeni Salma Barinti

http://www.travbuddy.com/travel-blogs/39590/Independence-Day-Games-2 Independence Day Games by Jakarta Travel Blog

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on August 17, 2013

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