#EngTalk: Indonesian English (3)

Fellas, what’s up? Remember these sessions we had? We talked about lebay, kepo, etc.

#EngTalk: Indonesian English

#EngTalk: Indonesian English (2)

Let’s have another session like those tonight! There are still some questions unanswered, so I need your help to answer them. :)

So please join & participate in this session tonight. How? Simply answer by mentioning/ replying to our tweet. I hope you’re ready!

  1. Here’s the first question –> “@AfniFreed: min, what’s “Arisan” in english?”
  2. @noeTRW: min, what is “garuk-garuk” in English?”
  3. @madamsaharra: min apa bahasa inggris ‘patungan’?”
  4. @Mcherie_im: min kalo deg-degan apa bhs inggrisnya?”
  5. @Yusrindha: min what is lesehan in English?”
  6. @eghaLestari: min, how to say ‘mules’ in English??”
  7. @hananoyuri: how to say “kejedot”?”
  8. @dwiRasty: how to say ‘nanggung’ min?”
  9. @Haryapuspa: kalo bahasa inggrisnya kucel apaan min?”
  10. @fikrizulfikar20: min, how to say “erep erep” in english? another word for erep-erep is ketindihan min. Itu loh,keadaan pas kita mau bangun tidur tapi badan ga bsa bergerak.”
  11. @FadhilAnthem: kalo keseleo apaan min?”
  12. @priankarara: Kalo bahasa inggrisnya mencret-mencret apa ya min?”
  13. @FilanPutri: kalo “biasa aja kali” Inggrisnya apa kak?”
  14. @serlizp: kalo ‘ngelantur’ apa?”
  15. @AsyariAzhar: bahasa inggrisnya “tulang punggung keluarga” apa ya? Thank you :)”


  1. @noviliaecha: Social Gathering ? | @fitrianijuwi: Arisan: regular social gathering whose members contribute to and take turns at winning an aggregate sum of money ;D | @Ffa_Nifa: it’s like saving money program for housewife, and usually the program will be held in one of the member arisan program | @DANTYTP: The Gathering or a kind of Raffle in England | @itsardhya: joint payment…. This is weird but its true.. | @ridhatantowi_: Gathering for money? |
    @Anisa_Ann: I’d call that housewife roulette
  2. ‏@itsardhya: basically “garuk” is scratch. So wouldn’t it be “scratching head” when it comes to term “garuk2 kepala”? | ‏@__kharisma: 2. Scratching?
  3. @jemzamanda: split the bill (evenly) | @Lia_Jessica: split the check or chip in. | @noNuneonism: share the expenses? | @Bugy26: Collective | @OwLuck: Sharing ? | @pahlevinoor: share the bill | @astridsaraswati: Sharing cost?
  4. @itsardhya: krn deg2an more like jantungnya berdetak lbh cpt, that’d be “my heart races/beats faster” atau deg2an gugup? Kl itu nervous.. | @deaamandaa: 4. Thump thump or heart racing | @Jtob135: My Heart Pounding | @lianawdsr: Heart beat fast | @dianmardasari: Excited | @atikachay: Heart skips a beat | @NabilahKR: “Aku degdegan!!” = “I’m shaking!!” | @nisaBSR: deg-degan : cold feet. Source: idiom book | @raidman_arch: palpitating? | ‏@kusastark: heart skipping. | @intansmn: my heart’s throbing (Re: degdegan)
  5. @EldiraZ: “Sitting on the floor” min | @fitrianijuwi: sitting on the ground ?
  6. ‏@dianmardasari: Heartburn?? | @izzatimachmud: Abdominal pain?increasing intestinal movement? | @Sventiej: Stomach upset?| @fitrianijuwi: stomach ache | @Bugy26: Colic
  7. @LaurenRanggita: One little monkey jumped on the bed, he fell off and BUMPED HIS HEAD | @vaniayutami: get hit on the head | @fitrianijuwi: stumble, collide, etc. | @uqoh: accidentally hit my head? | @Ffa_Nifa: it’s calling “kejedot” when someone is hit by something (like a door, desk and etc) | @tiara_1096: Banged your head?
  8. @EldiraZ: “In the middle of something” or “almost done” min | @Ffa_Nifa: Nanggung we can say it with “Almost finish” | @ludvennyy: not maximal? | @fitrianijuwi: almost clear, almost complete |
  9. @Sae1612: creased | @ftwijanarko: kucel = untidy? | @thegreatdika: filthy = kucel / dekil | @fitrianijuwi: dirty? | @JTob135: creased, or crumpled, and slang term bummer
  10. @catwomanizerSome locals call it “ketindihan”, it’s called “sleep paralysis” in English. | @ki_war: condition when you are awake but cant even move a finger, i think its “paralyzed”| @Sventiej: Cramps demons? queezing sleep? Sleep paralysis? |
  11. @straycatrenate: My ankle is twisted | @Jtob135: sayangnya dalam Bhs inggris sering tergantung bagian tubuh.. biasanya Sprain atau twist sih.. :D | @lianawdsr: Sprained
  12. @cagayanadeleon: Terrible diarrhea | @JTob135: diarrhea
  13. @_acherka: “why so serious”-nya Joker di Batman menurutku cocok tuh kalo diartiin “biasa aja kali”, hahaha | @Bugy26: Calm down | @Jtob135: Chill dude!! or relax | @fitrianijuwi: take it easy | @rhuna_chan: Keep calm | @straycatrenate: Don’t make a fuss of it
  14. @msnadrn: Blabbering | @Istiquers: Speak non sense | @fitrianijuwi: digress | @Lia_Jessica: rambling | @kusastark: bubbling. | @Ffa_Nifa: we can call it “Ngelantur” when the topic which talking in conversation doesn’t have any relation with the topic,
  15. @_acherka: breadwinner | @raidman_arch: tulang punggung keluarga : back bone of the family

Compiled and written by @NenoNeno at @EnglishTips4U on July 1, 2013

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