#EngGrammar: Linking Words

Hi, fellas! Have you ever heard about linking words?

Linking words indicate how one topic is connected to another topic. Some are very informal and others are quite formal.

There are many linking words that can be used in conversation. These are some of the examples.

Mind you/still

‘Mind you’ is an informal linking word used in spoken English.  Mind you’ points out what you are going to say as an afterthought contradicts what has already been said.  ‘Still’ can be used in a similar way.

  • Ex: Scientists in this country work for long hours in very difficult conditions. ‘Mind you’, they’re well paid for the work they do.
  • Ex: The exam was very difficult even for smart students. ‘Still’, the teacher gave the minimum score of B- for their hard work.

By the way/incidentally

Both can be used to introduce afterthoughts, but don’t contradict what has already been said. ‘By the way’ and ‘incidentally’ are used in informal and semi-formal spoken English.

  • Ex: I’ll be having dinner with my dad. ‘By the way’, I still want to eat your homemade dessert when I get home.
  • Ex: The party was awesome last night. ‘Incidentally’, I met my brother’s girlfriend at the party.

However /nevertheless

Both are used to introduce a contrast with what has been said before.

  • Ex: He told me not to do it because it was very dangerous.’ However’, I did it anyway.
  • Ex: I was so tired during a date yesterday, but I had fun ‘nevertheless’.

Note that ‘mind you’ and ‘still’ are used in informal spoken English, while ‘by the way’ and ‘incidentally’ are used in informal & semi-formal spoken English.

Meanwhile, ‘however’ and ‘nevertheless’ are much more characteristic of written English.


Compiled and written by @Patipatigulipat at @EnglishTips4U on May 10, 2013

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