#GrammarTrivia: By the way vs By any chance

Evening fellas x) I hope the gloomy weather lately ain’t putting your spirit off! So what are we going to share, discuss or talk about now?

Here’s something interesting to discuss on this rainy day:

@shayasasha: By the way & by any chance, do they have similar meanings ?”

What do you think?

@vectoreza: by the way can be used to start or change any topic. Also used to add information. Example : my brother is graduating, by the way, he is top of the class. 2.EX: By the way , have u found my baseball bat ? | By any chance is used for asking in a polite way : Are you Hungarian, by any chance ?

@msnadrn: “by any chance” used to ask a question or request in a polite way and “by the way” is a phrase indicating that the speaker is casually opening a new subject.

@mutiahathifah: “by the way” is used to introduce a different topic and “by any chance” is commonly used when there is doubt.

@vitarohmana: by any chance used especially in questions, to ask whether something is true, possible, etc. ex : are you in love with him, by any chance? meanwhile, by the way used to introduce a new, less important topic

@ranihsnt: the words are used when you’re asking something that might be true is actually true

Interesting and super answers shared there fellas! Well done! :D

Yes, it is known that “by the way” is an idiom (source: http://freedicionary.com  under Way as noun)


Google also gave a web definition on “by the way” such as your answers :DScreenshot_2013-07-02-21-37-51

Meanwhile, “By any chance” comes from “chance” as noun (source: http://freedictionary.com  under Chance)


According to oxford dictionary dot com, the most updated official dictionary, “By any chance” is…


That’s it for today fellas! Sorry for the delay, internet is not friendly on a rainy evening *sigh*

@shayasasha: Thank u for sharing” thank you for your interesting question and everyone who has been contributing! :D

Source: freedictionary.comoxforddictionaries.com, google.com

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on July 2, 2013

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