#EngTips: Lyrics Writing Helps Learning English? Feat. @endahNrhesa quote

You probably have figured out in this wondrous world today, how many things can teach you a language?

The other day admin was reading @endahNrhesa lyrics & found a note by Endah under their second album lyrics which she rechecked. This is the last half of what she wrote (quoting from http://endahnrhesa.com/blog/lyrics/):

Sejak awal, salah satu motivasi saya menulis lirik dalam Bahasa Inggris adalah untuk belajar. Saya termasuk orang yang lemah/ kurang bakat dalam mempelajari bahasa.. tidak semudah saat saya belajar musik. Perlu waktu lebih lama dan motivasi untuk belajar bahasa.

Almarhumah ibu saya pernah berkata bahwa salah satu motivasi dan kegiatan yang menyenangkan untuk belajar bahasa asing adalah dengan menyanyikannya. Menulis merupakan tingkatan setelah itu.. dan sampai saat ini saya pun masih terus belajar. Saya tidak pernah tinggal di luar negeri. Nilai Bahasa Inggris di sekolah pun hanya rata-rata, tidak istimewa. Bahkan pertama kali ke luar negeri saat album Nowhere to Go sudah rilis, yaitu tahun 2009. Saya pun tidak menyangka bahwa pekerjaan saya yang menyenangkan ini bisa membawa saya pergi ke tempat yang saya belum pernah kunjungi sebelumnya. Betapa saya beruntung… sembari belajar, saya pun diberkahi pengalaman baru dan teman-teman baru. Semoga kisah saya ini bermanfaat untuk teman-teman..

Sincerely, Endah

– As quoted from Endah @endahNrhesa from http://endahnrhesa.com/blog/lyrics/ #EngTips

What Endah wrote about how she learned English by writing lyrics funnily reminds admin of herself

I am no musician, but somehow this lyric writing did help admin in learning English in the times admin has to conquer it

Facing an everyday life with English as first language and just moved from Indonesia is a real hard transition indeed and of course creating melodies with or no instruments supports the lyric writing well

So, do you think lyric writing would be a help?

I am sure most of you love music whatever genre that might be. If you haven’t tried it, and you’re interested in doing it, why not?

Writing the lyric doesn’t have to be perfect straight away, trust me :)

You can start by just having a sentence that might have influenced or interested you in the day

Then continued it with something that might connect or it also could rhyme (the end words) like how poem goes For example it could be as random like:

“Looking into your eyes all I see is someone who cares/ But after the last days you left me here to pieces”

Both sentences ends with “-es” and you can try put melody to it


“I was falling for you/But in the end I need a tissue”

This one had both sentences ending with words sounding “u”


“I feel cold betrayed in a dead sea/With all the waves going towards me I wish I could dance like those Korean boys/Letting it all out that has been caused”

The first part ends with sound “e” and the second part ends with sound “os”

PS: Lirik-lirik sebelum itu dibuat saat-saat admin sepertinya labil dan galau dahulu kala hahaha

To admin, this lyric writing and singing it really helps on how to pronounce plus remembering some words

It could also help your creativity in making some cool and entertaining sentences

Of course if you are not sure of your writing in English, …you can always ask a friend who knows better, look up dictionaries, the web, etc. Or visit englishtips4u.com :)

Use idioms, slangs, jumble it up and if possible no rude words unless it’s that necessary.

You never know you might end up like Endah and Rhesa for your career, hihihi


Fellas Thoughts

@laeardo: Kagaklah. Itu mah buat yg udah advance. <- Really? How so?

@laeardo: Kalo nulis lagu kosakatanya harus udah bagus. Cth: liriknya ‘Dengarkan aku’ brarti harus ‘Listen to me’ ga boleh ‘Hear me’ <- Actually, in lyric writing, it’s not wrong to say “Hear me” :) @laeardo

@armiarizky: @laeardo di salah satu lagunya Kelly Clarkson ada kan lirik ‘hear me”  

Yap “@PurplePurpie: tapi gk semua lagu barat bner jg kok. Contohnya : “Wanting you to be wanting me”- nya Kathrin MacPhee. Y gk?”  

@laeardo: tergantung konteks liriknya juga. <- Itu juga :) Semua tergantung apa yang ingin disampaikan


@PurplePurpie: so true of what Endah said. I learn English mostly from music knowing the vocabs. Grammar is a second thing. Haha


@gitgrace: I haven’t tried it yet so far, but I keep writing on my blog to increase my English. It’s a help for me. :D <-You may try it if you think you want to try it x) 


Admin: Don’t worry I wasn’t forgetting Bahasa Indonesia when I moved to the English as first language country :) @bieberchindaku


@ririenwepe: ahh it’s really hard.. Just think about it already make me dizzy lol


@renggasanti: me too RT @EnglishTips4U: What Endah wrote about how she learned English by writing lyrics funnily reminds admin of herself


@HelloPanji: baca lirik aja membantu, apalagi nulis. #Pengalaman


@ryan48kamtis: i love writing lyric..cause i’ll feel better after write that..it’s like a kind of “curhat” hahahah  in lyric writing the only that u need is “inspiration”


@elmaloppies: it’s more helping when I’m listening to a song then I write the lyrics down without looking on the internet


@_Aisyahs: Sometimes I writing lyric in english when I’m in misery and I’ve never read it again ’cause it’s so awful XD  <- Actually that happened to me too sometimes, when I felt what I have written is too awful haha  


@nanoiia: what an interesting kultwit by @englishtips4u :D  


@datasakti: Some musicians made their lyrics disorder grammar. Do you that? Why’s the reason? <- I think I will quote Endah @endahnrhesa again for this question :) 

Dalam menulis lirik adapun estetika bunyi yang ingin dicapai, maka dengan itu kadang tidak sesuai grammar namun biasanya tidak fatal..

For more of what Endah said, you can read it here: http://endahnrhesa.com/blog/lyrics/

@MenebarSunnah : @datasakti  in writing lyric correctly grammar sentences r no need. Since lyric is bout rhyme. U aren’t writing paper, r u? :)

@_Aisyahs: Like Oasis lyrics-‘Slowly walking down the hall,faster than a cannon ball.’They got the rhyme, but the sentence’s meaningless  


@ayefchaniago: min trus gmn kalo org yg gak suka lagu inggriss kan jd susah nyanyiinya apa lagi nulis liriknya… #tepok jidad

Simple, jangan dipaksa :) @ayefchaniago #EngTips


@ferdimanamana:  lyric is all about what we feel. For me, it’s better to use figurative languages to map the story of the lyric…. then…. Double combo!! We can sharpen our skill about literal meaning by using figurative meaning, and absolutely new words.


Well fellas, I am not pushing you to do lyric writing anyway, it’s just another interesting #EngTips to share for you all :)

Cari cara lain untuk belajar Bahasa Inggris kalau demikian, coba cari #EngTips di http://englishtips4u.com search bar :)  


Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on June 11, 2013

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