#GrammarTrivia #EngGame: tag question

Hello, hello, fellas! What’s up? Ready for today’s session? Here’s the clue: “Today is Monday, isn’t it?” Guess the topic! ;)

@agil0: question tag?! am I right???”

Yes, you are right! You were the first to answer correctly. :D

‘Question tag’ or ‘tag question’ is a question that’s added to the end of a sentence. You have to use an auxiliary verb.

Auxiliary verb = helping verb (kata kerja bantu). Examples: be, do, have, will, etc. More examples: Auxiliary Verbs.

Let’s see: “Today is Monday, isn’t it?” ‘isn’t it’ is the tag question. It’s added to the end of “Today is Monday.” sentence.

Why ‘isn’t it’ is used as the tag question? We have to see the structure of sentence “Today is Monday.” It uses ‘IS’ as verb.

That’s why the tag question follows the structure of the sentence “Today is Monday.” and auxiliary verb ‘is’ is used here.

Remember: when the main verb (the sentence) is affirmative (in positive sentence), the tag question is negative. Vice versa.

Let’s see: “Today is Monday [main verb = is], isn’t it [tag question = is not]?” Let’s change: “Today isn’t Monday, is it?”

@Wesli_Sif the sentence using “do” than the questag is don’t; if “don’t” as the sentence,the questag is “do”.”

@fathyrayyan: other examples: “You’re an Indonesian, aren’t you?” “You like to read, don’t you? “You didn’t meet him, did you?”

Let’s practice using tag questions with an #EngGame. To participate, simply add a tag question to the end of each sentence.
  1. “She likes singing.”
  2. “You have voted.”
  3. “They will call.”
  4. “He can’t drive.”
  5. “She didn’t go there.”
  1. “She likes singing, doesn’t she?”
  2. “You have voted, haven’t you?”
  3. “They will call you, won’t they?”
  4. “He can’t drive, can he?”
  5. She didn’t go there, did she?”
  1. @mfauzirachman: which one is correct? Tag question or question tag? | Admin: Tag question and question tag are both correct.
  2. @Kibaldinata: it ain’t always like that, is it? If the main sentence (+) has ‘never’ in it, the question tag will also be (+), won’t it? | Admin: the words ‘never, rarely, hardly’ are always considered negative.
  3. @mraryanto: what about in command & invitation form? ‘be quiet, will you?’ And ‘lets see the movie, shall we?’ It is belonging to question tag, isn’t it? | Admin: yes, ‘will you’ and ‘shall you’ are examples of tag questions in imperatives.

Compiled and written by @NenoNeno at @EnglishTips4U on June 3, 2013

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