#EngGame: Complete the idioms

Hello fellas! Let’s start the month with something fun. Do you like idioms? Fancy some #EngGame? Why not combine the two in today’s session? As you know, we’ve shared quite a lot of idioms in our #IOTW sessions. Today, I want you to fill the blanks & complete the idiom.  For example:

Mom: Where’s Yudi?
Dad: He’s a _ _ _ _ _ potato. Where else could he possibly be?

Can you fill in the blank? Yes! The answer is: “COUCH”.

Mom: Where’s Yudi?
Dad: He’s a [COUCH] potato. Where else could he possibly be?

Now that you get the hang of it. Let’s start!

1. A: Why didn’t you call me last night?

B: Why should I? Do you think the whole world r  _ _ _ _ _ _ around you?

  1. That useless boyfriend of her led her down the _ r _ _ _ _ _ _ path and dump her just before Christmas.

  2. Stop being a _ _ r _ _ _ _ _ _ violet. People won’t understand unless you speak up.

  3. Please man up! You wouldn’t have a _ _ _ w _ _ _ _’s chance of winning my hand if you keep being so coward.

  4. Being my boyfriend doesn’t mean you can steal my _ _ _ _ d _ _. Don’t you know how hard I worked on the project?

  5. Don’t worry. I’m sure it’s just a storm in a _ _ _ _ _ p. He would never forget your anniversary on purpose.

7. A: I haven’t seen Firdaus in a while.

B: His girlfriend kept him busy as _ _ _ _ _ _ n on a skillet.

  1. What should we do now? Dad’s h _ _ _ _ _ _ mad because he caught me outside when you came last night.

  2. Mom gave me a _ _ _   _ _ _ _ when she showed the secret baby album to my boyfriend.

  3. If you keep eating this much, I doubt you would ever win the battle of the _ u _ _ _.

That’s all 10 questions for today’s #EngGame, fellas! Have fun guessing the missing words :D


  1. Revolves.  When someone “thinks the world revolves around him/her”, berarti dia merasa dirinya paling penting.

  2. Primrose. A “primrose path” adalah hidup enak dan bahagia yang akhirnya berujung penderitaan.

  3. Shrinking. Kalau kamu disebut “a shrinking violet”, berarti kamu pemalu dan jarang mengutarakan pendapat.

  4. Snowball. If something has a “snowball’s chance” berarti kesempatannya amat sangat kecil.

  5. Thunder. Someone who “steal his/her thunder” adalah seseorang yang mencuri ide tanpa izin.

  6. Teacup. A storm in a teacup adalah masalah kecil yang dibesar-besarkan.

  7. Popcorn. Pernah buat popcorn sachetan di panci? “As busy as popcorn on a skillet” berarti sibuk bukan main.

  8. Hopping. If your dad’s “hopping mad” berarti bokap lagi marah besar; ngamuk.

  9. Red face. To “give someone a red face” berarti membuat seseorang malu; mempermalukan seseorang.

  10. Bulge. “Battle of the bulge” berarti perang melawan berat badan dan perut yang membuncit; diet

Compiled and written by @Miss_Qiak at @EnglishTips4U on Saturday, June 1, 2013.



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