#IOTW #EngGame: Guess the idioms from the pictures!

Hellooo, fellas! How are you? Ready for today’s session? Let’s have some fun with English idioms!

Let’s play! I will post images (photos, cartoons, etc.) that represent an English idiom in each number. Your job is: guess the idiom! Here’s an example. Can you guess what the idiom is and its meaning?


“Curiosity Killed The Cat: Being Inquisitive can lead you into a dangerous situation.” – @sekarlangit

Great! Correct, @sekarlangit! Easy, right, fellas? Don’t forget to guess what the idiom is and also state the meaning. Let’s play! ;D

2. 1090875-Clipart-Moodie-Character-Spilling-The-Beans-Royalty-Free-Vector-Illustration
3. under-the-weather
4. break-a-leg
  1. “Have a blast, what can i say hmm..enjoy your time,have great time,have a ton of fun!” – @Gyrassic;  “Have a blast; have a great time.” – @dwityanucifera
  2. “Spilling the beans = accidentally reveal a secret.” – @Esambot; “Spill the bean meaning tell the truth or secret.” –  @sandrauw
  3. “Under the weather=feeling unwell.” – @bowntell; “Under the weather: unhealthy condition (sick).” –  @trianibelle
  4. “Break a leg. It means good luck.” – @annisalista; “Break a leg. Semoga berhasil/sukses.” –  @13njet
  5. “It’s a wrap; It is successfully completed.” – @gau_1st; “Admiral Ackbar (Star Wars) in sandwich?! IT’S A WRAP :))” –  @ctrnn
  6. “Piece of cake: easy.” – @ariebuch; “a piece of cake: easy. Like the test is a piece of cake. It means the test is easy.” –  @anastasyaherma
  7. “Be all ears: would listen to.” – @silalahifranz;  “I’m all ears: I’m listening to everything you’ll say.” –  @anggastanadia
  8. “Hit the hay [go to sleep]” – @ellinchasslam; “Hit the hay: go to bed.” –  @amalianadiene
  9. “Ring a bell: familiar. I have never listen NKOTB before, but this song rings a bell. Maybe I have heard it somewhere.” – @sansiabintang; “ring a bell. To remember something!” –  @VitriaIndah
  10. “Down to earth= being humble.” – @ks_rayisa; “down to earth. Rendah hati ;))” –  @AndreiaEirene
That’s a wrap! How was the #EngGame? Piece of cake, right? Now it’s time to hit the hay. See you tomorrow with more to talk about! ;D
Compiled and written by @NenoNeno at @EnglishTips4U on Monday, May 13, 2013.



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