#WOTD: Extemporaneous

So today I am going to give you a short #WOTD session taken from a website =)

After searching word of the day posts on the web, one caught admin’s attention and that is….

Extemporaneous from http://wordthink.com  …. anyone have heard of it before?

So what does it mean? Such an interesting word and so hard to spell! Or not… anyone knows?

@rhamaaa:Harry poter magic’s word ? :))” sadly nope x)

@LisSagaraBagja: Spoken without preparation?” yap, you’re right!

So “extemporaneous” is….


Still confused with the word? Searching it in google gave another explanation like this one

Finding this word is quite difficult, it seems that Google itself gave some suggestions on the search such as


So fellas, what do you think of the #WOTD? Know any sentence example you might have heard, seen or can you create one? Tell us!

One example I can think of:

“I wonder if my dad would come up with a long extemporaneous speech when he gets this present.”

@iethaita: she’s doing a long extemporaneous vacation around the world right after she broke up from her boyfriend.”

@risyamaya: My boyfriend made an extemporaneous party to celebrate our anniversary.

@auliafath: caught by surprise, I had to make an extemporaneous speech at awards banquet”

@aisyahkamaliaa: my sister and her husband extemporaneous build new bedroom for their baby.” Should be ‘extemporaneously built a’

@aisyahkamaliaa: this word only for past?” Ehm, actually it could also be present like “extemporaneously build a”

@VFaradhika: my family had warned him that a wedding shouldn’t be held extemporaneously, but he did it anyway”

More about them -> extemporaneously – definition of extemporaneously by http://www.thefreedictionary.com/extemporaneously …

Well done fellas for creating great examples! One long word, aye?

I found some difficult ones here > Sentences and phrases with the word extemporaneous http://www.wordhippo.com/what-is/sentences-with-the-word/extemporaneous.html …

Yes they are synonyms :) “@aarumkusuma: extemporaneous = extemporary (?)

So that’s it fellas, hope today’s #WOTD has been interesting! Mau memperkaya vocab, why not look for word of the day x) See you tomorrow!

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on May 28, 2013


One thought on “#WOTD: Extemporaneous”

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