#AusSlang: Australian slang related to clothing

  1. Clobber. Meaning: clothing.
    • Example:
      • “Jean Grey’s cabinet is filled with a load of new clobber.”
  2. Cardie. Meaning: cardigan.
    • Example:
      • “Ororo likes to wear cardie for her daily outfit.”
  3. Tweeds or strides. Meaning: trousers, pants.
    • Example:
      • “Logan was smartly dressed in a shirt, black tweeds, and boots.”
  4. Stubbies. Meaning: shorts.
    • Example:
      • “A pair of stubbies and T-shirt is Pyro’s favorite outfit in the summer time.”
  5. Cozzie or togs. Meaning: swimsuit.
    • Example:
      • “Rogue just has been told that she doesn’t need to pack a cozzie.”
  6. Brolly. Meaning: umbrella.
    • Example:
      • “Phoenix always brings brolly in her bag, even when the sun shines so bright.”
  7. Sandshoes. Meaning: joggers, sneakers, trainers.
    • Example:
      • “Magneto just bought two pairs of sandshoes, one in blue-white and one in black-red.”
  8. Sunnies. Meaning: sunglasses.
    • Example:
      • “One thing which Kitty never forgets to bring when she leaves the house is a pair of sunnies.”
  9. Lippy. Meaning: lipstick.
    • Example:
      • “Mystique’s favorite colour of lippy is blue.”
  10. Tats. Meaning: tattoo.
    • Example:
      • “Nightcrawler always has a tats made on his body right after he makes a mistake.”

Compiled and written by @fabfebby at @EnglishTips4U on Friday, January 27, 2013

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