#GrammarTrivia: Here vs Hear, Choose vs Chose vs Choice

Hi there fellas, so there will be a little #GrammarTrivia to share this evening =)

According to the CGP book for GCSE English Grammar, “here” and “hear” are one of the sound alike mistakes existed

Just remember these:

1. “Here” is like “There”

Sini seperti sana

“Here” artinya sini (di sini/ke sini)

E.g. “Come here!” = “Ayo sini!”


2. “Hear” think “Ear”

Dengar ingat telinga 

“Hear” artinya dengar 

E.g. “Can you hear it?” = “Bisa dengar itu?” 


Another common mistake will be leaving out important ‘o’s such as in the next three words:

Choose, Chose, Choice

Sometimes one tiny letter can CHANGE the meaning of a word completely.

LOTS of MISTAKES can occur here especially when you are writing in a hurry.

Remember these:

1. Choose = present tense, which means it is happening now

“Choose”artinya memilih/dipilih (sekarang)

E.g. “I choose the red dress because it suits the event’s theme.”

“Saya memilih baju rok langsung merah itu karena sesuai dengan tema acaranya.”


2. Chose = past tense, which means it happened already

“Chose”artinya memilih/dipilih (sudah terjadi)

E.g. “I chose the red dress last week for tomorrow’s event.”

“Saya memilih baju rok langsung merah itu minggu lalu untuk acara besok.”


3. Choice = noun (kata benda)

“Choice”artinya pilihan

E.g. “The red dress was my choice, not Lucy’s.”

“Baju rok langsung merah itu pilihan saya, bukan Lucy.”



For here and hear, think there and ear

For choose, chose and choice, make sure it’s the right one to use on the sentence you are writing

Here’s what I captured from the book, hopefully it can be useful :D


Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on May 21, 2013

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