#EngTalk: Would / Do you mind… ?

Did you follow last week’s session on “Asking for help“? Today, we’ll talk a little bit more about ways to ask “Would/do you mind…?”

Here a quick recap:
We can ask for help by asking “Would/Do you mind (v-ing)…?”
E.g.: Do you mind lowering your voice?
Arti: Bisa tolong kecilkan suaramu sedikit? *lagi nonton film seru tapi tetangga berisik abies*
Note that when asking for help, “Would/Do you mind” is followed by a gerund (V-ing). What is “Gerund”? » Click HERE

Some might ask, why is it not followed by infinitive (to+verb)? While some verbs can be followed by infinitive and gerund, “mind” can only be followed by gerund.
Check out this LINK to know which verbs are followed by infinitive and/or gerund.

We could also use “Do/Would you mind” when we wish to ask for permission (izin) or approval (persetujuan).
To ask for permission or approval, we say: “Do/Would you mind (if clause)…?”
E.g.: Do you mind if I open the window?
Arti: Apa kamu (akan) keberatan kalau aku buka jendelanya? *di dalam gerah, di luar berisik*

If-clause simply means a clause which starts with “If” and contains at least 1 subject & 1 verb.
To know more about “If clause”, browse the following LINK.

“Do you mind” is followed by if-clause with simple present verb (v1)and…
“Would you mind” is followed by if-clause with simple past verb (v2).

Now, compare these two sentences:
(A) Would you mind giving me a ride home?
(B) Would you mind if he gave me a ride home?

As we’ve discussed above, (A) “Would you mind + Gerund” means you’re asking for help.

Contoh (A): Would you mind giving me a ride home?
Arti (A): Bisa tolong antar aku pulang? *halah bilang aja mau PDKT*

Meanwhile, (B) “Would you mind + If clause” means you’re asking for permission or approval.

Contoh (B): Would you mind if he gave me a ride home?
Arti (B): Apa kamu keberatan kalau dia mengantar aku pulang? *ijin dulu sebelom PDKT*

Now… How would you respond when someone say “Do you mind…” or “Would you mind…”?

Secara harafiah, “Do you mind…” dan “Would you mind…” berarti: Apa kamu keberatan… ? Selain akal, “mind” juga berarti keberatan (k.kerja).

Bayangkan kalau kamu ditanyai “Apa kamu keberatan…?”. Klo dijawab “Ya”, berarti kamu keberatan, bukan? Therefore, if someone ask you “Do you mind…” or “Would you mind…”, you can agree to help or give permission/approval by saying: “No, not at all” or “No, not a bit” or “No problem.

I hope you now know how to ask with “Do/Would you mind…” and how to respond when someone ask you that way :D

Compiled and written by @Miss_Qiak at @EnglishTips4U on May 18, 2013

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