#EngTalk: Happy Earth Day! What is your effort to help save the earth?


  1. @msnadrn: Sleep. Without air conditioner. B-)
  2. @LeeFirly: bring my own tumbler :)
  3. @VickyTaylor18: turn off lamp in my bedroom while sleeping at night.
  4. @NivalDo_BS: saving water by spending less time on the shower
  5. @NovantoAP: Cycling.
  6. @DanuDiatama: using public transport :)
  7. @astiasbun: reduce the use of plastics
  8. @snovid: going to school on foot
  9. @ramadhanti_1: The easiest, not littering.
  10. @_irfan_muhammad: reject plastic bag
  11. @dhikachu13: No more paper. Tablet is better.
  12. @kaoshitam: finish your food. don’t waste it.
  13. @jinyoungism: jalan ke supermarket/tempat2 yang tidak terlalu jauh tanpa menggunakan motor
  14. @rianzmeo: Be wise while using paper
  15.  ‏@BayuSukmo: planting trees at home
  16. @YoonOfficial: Save electricity :)
  17. @arumnadiaa: Convince the government not to use paper for national examination.
  18. @sofyanlich: Naik KRL tiap hari, no polution huh? Hehehe
  19. @aadeladele: use handkerchief than wipes :)
  20. @gisdalyn21: Recycle:)
  21. @janeontheblock: Bring my own shopping bag, throw trash in the right place
  22. @arie_s37: Use Recycle Paper at Office
  23. @Mia_anta: reduce using plastic bag and tissue.
  24. @Firman4u: Use Banana Leaves to wrap some snack,,
  25. @a_maskur: Plant more plants
  26. @valdybendol: Not smoking
 Compiled by @NenoNeno at @EnglishTips4U on April 22, 2013

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