#EngTalk: Indonesian English (2)

Do you still remember the topic we had last month: Indonesian English? When we talked about ‘masuk angin’?

I’m gonna continue discussing a little bit on that since we still have some questions unanswered. So please.. Join our #EngTalk… :)

  1. @Vanabdee: klo “ngeden” pas BAB apa bhs inggrisnya min??”
  2. @shabrina_tasya: min what is ngupil in english?”
  3. @ayaa13: How to say “plin-plan” in english?”
  4. @gracenaomi: from me: “kuda lumping“?”
  5. @putrifayanaaa: kalo bahasa inggrisnya “kampungan” min?”
  6. @s0_n1: how to say “kesurupan” in english ???”
  7. @Yusrindha: min b.inggrisnya pusing tujuh keliling apa??”
  8. @LeeFirly: kalo kurap apaan bahasa inggrisnya min?”
  9. @_heniie: What is “keserempet” in English?”
  10. @Pacetto_arya: main kalo cuci mata itu apa? Masa wash eye sih -_-“
  11. @thewayyuare: how to say panas panas tai ayam in english?”
  12. @AdeCuit: grasak grusuk??”
  13. @patdbil2: kalau bahasa inggris nya “ngulet“? enak banget tuh hahahah”
  14. @nurainiyama: how about ‘kagok’?”
  15. @cocooopandan: what is “pegal” in english?”
  16. @ella_yanti: what is “cegukan” in English?”
  17. @ivanshard: bahasa inggrisnya nguap (kalo ngantuk hoam) apa min ?”
  18. @fonnilhakim: Min, kalo bahasa Inggrisnya “kawin lari” apa ya?”
  19. @Wilz_dragon: min, what is “pengamen” in English?”


  1. @bagusnaya: Straining | @LV_Ayuningtyas: the medically correct term for ‘ngeden’ would be Valsava’s maneuver | @sonyafel: Ngeden = strain during the bowel movement.
  2. @bagusnaya: Picking nose | @kondrow: nose-picking *ngupil* | @guepikirgue: pick the nose |
    @adamst: the upil itself is called booger(s), while ngupil is nose-pick | @malasyahbani: If I’m not mistaken v: picking one’s nose while n: nose-picking
  3. @Alficca: Wishy-washy | @Derpamoto: indecisive | @stinr: Fickle. | @jellirahmawati: Not consistent | @malasyahbani: Fickle, Mingle | @sabilal_R_: Pickle-headed | @FadhilAgustina_: Inconsistent
  4. @malasyahbani: Is Kuda Lumping translated? Since it’s about cultural equivalence, I don’t think so | @antojully: Kuda lumping is from Indonesia, there is no vocab for it |  @jellirahmawati: Magic horse who eats torn glasses | @jellirahmawati: Spiritual magic horse | @Kibaldinata: It stays “kuda lumping”. It’s Indonesia’s original art culture | @shayasasha: Crazy horse | @weningputri: I’m nt sure in England we’ll find those bamboo plaited horses |
  5. @fransvrs: Villager | @jellirahmawati: Old fashioned *depends on context* | @siskabubble: tacky | @devit__: Rube! | @adamst: I believe ‘corny’ comes close | @ochinesta: plebeian | @UtaryEsa: Yokel (norak) | @LV_Ayuningtyas: unsophisticated (adj) or a simpleton (n) | @Kibaldinata: Hick | @mylovetokki: corny? | @guepikirgue: out of date…,so yesterday | @catwomanizer: No manner/mannerless | @aries_k: Cheesy, corny. | @meirita: Peasant | @Jtob135: hillbillies
  6. @mylovetokki: possessed | @DeagoHM: possession | @Rharrys: Into a trance, being possessed (by spirit) | @LV_Ayuningtyas: possessed, or bedeviled | @valiine: being possesed by evil? | @UtaryEsa: Trance | @allirpe: Kesurupan = “Possessed”. Contoh: Mother kills sons, husband claims she was possessed by an evil spirit. | @Kibaldinata: Possessed (by a spirit, devil, or something like that) | @catwomanizer: Being possessed. | @rezapongo: Demoniac / possessed
  7. @jellirahmawati: Hard dizzy! Overly headache | @adamst: no literal transliteration on ‘pusing 7 keliling’, but ‘topsy-turvy’ adresses the same condition :) | @aries_k: Major headache | @shayasasha: The birds are dancing on ur head
  8. @meirita: “Ringworm” | @LV_Ayuningtyas: skin dermatophytosis, or tinea corporis | @devimarina: Mange | @13njet: Scabies, Ringworm
  9. @jellirahmawati: Almost hit by … | @stinr: Grazed. | @weningputri: Nudged | @Kibaldinata: Brushed against: get grazed: side-swiped
  10. @Kibaldinata: Window shopping | @kurniawanbdiono: Sight seeing? | @devimarina: Hang out |
    @erda_earl: kongkow warm up the bench (american) | @FadhilAgustina_: Refreshing bisa tuh
  11. Admin: ‘hangat-hangat tai ayam’ is an expression used to describe something (activity, event, thing) that is initially greeted with enthusiasm, but then slowly forgotten (just like chicken droppings that feel warm at first, but the warmth then slowly wears off).
  12. @xcarrisax: Rushing? | @andiniIT_: Reckless |
    @palescfab: carelessly
  13. @jellirahmawati: Bend the body after waking up | @limlimpato: Be a worm | @_irfan_muhammad: stretching | @Kibaldinata: Stretching body after sleeping | @Kibaldinata: Stretching body after waking up from sleep | @aries_k: Stretching the hands up.
  14. @rezafah10: awkward | @anindiaicha: Clumsy | @malasyahbani: We can say it in another way, e.g I’m not accustomed to….
  15. @Kibaldinata: Stiff | @meirita: Biasanya sih “weary” | @LV_Ayuningtyas: sore, throbbing, or ache | @dimasp: Fatigued | @malasyahbani: Stiff, weary, painful | @aalrizqi: muscular aches bukan? kebetulan lagi ngebalur counterpain hehe | @catwomanizer: Tense.
  16. @LV_Ayuningtyas: ‘hiccups’, or in medical terms ‘singultus’ |
  17. @neevaaaa: Yawn | @pissybells: Yawning | @PathriciaRegina: “sleepy” or “yawn”
  18. @LV_Ayuningtyas: elope | @Kibaldinata: Elopement
  19. @erda_earl: pengamen: busker. | @kidungpascalis: cant have any other answer than street musician. |
    @evasembiring: Street musician / performer. | @ahmad_royhan: “street singer” | @roroavelin: Singing beggar or can be street singer
 Compiled and written by @NenoNeno at @EnglishTips4U on May 6, 2013

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