#EngGame: The Poem Game!

Hello fellas.. How are you? How’s your end of April 2013? Hot enough? Do you want to play a poem #EngGame this evening? :D

Basically I am going to give you a sentence to start with and then…

Fellas have to continue it and had to rhyme with the last word of the previous sentence :) At some point it could be the admin

The best sentence picked will be the continuing sentences, we will stop at 10th sentence, how does that sound?

Great! The sentence you make can be as random as you can! But still makes sense and no rude words, please :) Let’s start!

1. As I take a cut down the steep road, I saw

(You can start continuing it fellas! Make sure it rhymes with the last word :))

2. @Rharrys: I’m looking for my cat for all I see is only a scarecrow 

(Now make a sentence that rhymes with “scarecrow”… oooooooo)

3. @13njet: I walked again and i found a good bow

(Admin continues 4th sentence)

4. Calm my dear and I’ll lead you, the bow seemed to talk to me

(Now continue the 4th sentence which rhymes with “me” :))

5. @ririrosyidah: don’t take it, or the sky will look so gloomy

(Continue it rhyming with “gloomy” fellas :) I’m going to pick fellas contribution for sentence 6 and 7, before I reveal the 8th)

6. @putrajakarta: moonlight reveals the true colour, it’s scary

7. @pottract: I’ve got to stop before I hurt my tummy

8. I said “NO!” to the bow and throw it to an approaching shadow

(9th sentence has to rhyme with “shadow” :))

9. @amalianadiene: i saw a unicorn passing through my window

(And the next one I think this suits 10 and the ending)

10. @peppyispeppy: enjoy your life and let it flow

So what do you think fellas? Hard? Weird? Confused? :D

@13njet: Li’l bit confused at first. Haha <- But you did good!! Everyone did good!! Was hard to choose actually :)

@anggastanadia: if you read all 10 sentences, it makes a weird story haha :p  <- That’s sort of the aim XD it’s a poem #EngGame after all :D

@putrajakarta: give us the theme so it’s gonna be easier… For example: love, friendship, death, etc < – Good idea! :D Thanks! Will note it!

:D -> @masyoza: that was fun :D

Really? Cool! -> @tionovita: my teacher always gives me the same quiz :)

Wow that’s cool! -> @tionovita: sure! :) at the pronunciation class’.

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on April 30, 2013

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