#EngPic #EngGame: “Friends” Series Quotes

Helluww fellas! How you doin’? Anyone know where that question phrase comes from? Hope you had a good Tuesday!

Oops, what I meant is what show usually use that question phrase hehe but you’re right @piintut it’s from “how are you doing?”

Yap it is from the -> @natweetalie: ‘Friends’ Series. :D Anyone familiar with the series?

So this evening admin will share some #EngPic #EngGame on quotes from ‘Friends’ :) Are you all ready for it?

Great! Let’s begin :D


1st #EngPic: Ross and Rachel with the stuffed T-Rex!


Q1. In the picture, what’s referred as ‘stuffed’ and why is it called so?

Q2. Why would Ross force the T-Rex to Emma?

2nd #EngPic: Joey and Ross having a conversation


Q3. Wow “Friend Zone” term has been used in this series, what does it actually mean?

3rd #EngPic: Chandler and Monica’s wedding day


Q4. Who were Ross referring his reasons to? Anyone remembered?

4th #EngPic: Playstation era anyone?


Q5. What does “whack” mean?

5th #EngPic: this one is hilarious!!


Q6. Anyone knows why Rachel went furious when Joey said the question phrase?

6th #EngPic: ooooooo


Q7. Who was Joey talking to?

Last #EngPic: hmmmmm


Q8. What is “sarcastic comment”? It’s not an “advice”?

There you go fellas! Looking forward to your answers soon :)



@krisanthiailma: It’s a doll, and its called so bcz its t-rex doll.

@TCS_Murs: can be known as plush toys too, they’re stuufed with soft materials in it.


@krisanthiailma: Bcz he thinks that emma cannot sleep without it

@aishasabila: Because Ross wants his daughter to like dinosaurs since he’s a paleontologist…


@sizigium: friend zone= situation where your crush just consider you as a friend when you expect more from him/her

@amalianadiene:  hving crush for ur friend/bestfriend , but you can’t be in a relationship with them bcz they think you’re just a friend


@anggastaa: It were referring to his 1st, 2nd, and 3rd marriage.


The word “whack” could be “@palescfab: Bad” or “@yudithers: Very hard hit”. So Playstation at the time might be something really “bad” as in cool, oh the 90s hehehe


@RioBollo: Rach was furious because that was Joey’s killer greeting for ladies. <- Yep…



@sylandvee: Tottaly for Ross!!


@RioBollo: Things said in a direct manner, as is, with no euphemism. Painful truth. Chandler’s king of sarcasm.

@Derpamoto: Something the complete opposite of what the user means. It often has the best comedic value. And no, it’s not an advice.

So there you have the answers :) I hope you had a good time reminiscing “Friends” hehe and guess what I found..

What “Friends” have taught us :)


So that’s it fellas! Have a great evening! Good luck to those going to have their National Examinations or UN!! JUST BE POSITIVE!!

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4U on April 16, 2013


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